Rapamycin to reverse peri or menopause dosages for fertility

Hello everyone I’m looking for women who took rapamycin to reverse or halt peri/menopause.what was your dosage based on your experience ? Ty

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I don’t think too many people generally take rapamycin to reverse or slow aging in a single organ, but take it for general longevity benefits. The dose is sometimes adjusted for weight… I see most women taking between 3mg and 6 mg dosed once per week.

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50 this year. Last year was quite horrible with heat waves, interrupted sleep, tiredness, irregular periods. Then I started to use NOVOS core and not long after, rapamycin. Not a single menopausal symptoms any more. And it may be only coincidence but I think it stopped before I even included rapamycin. Just a month into NOVOS. But then, the time only on NOVOS was too short to know for sure. Whatever it is I am not changing a thing! I am on 5 mg of rapa once a month.