Rapamycin for Hair Growth, Hair Pigmentation, Skin Anti-aging

That is what I thought - LOL. Hence, brands using live and active cultures.-- Icelandic Yogurt Skyr or Chobani! I already do Chobani regularly - flips! Going to look for Siggi/Skyr Icelandic.

Can you make it like yeast? Then, add to yogurt. What is good brand to buy and where! Thanks!

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L. Reuteri For Hair Loss: A Complete Review

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The Many Reasons to make L Reuteri Superfood Yogurt

Posted on Mar 12, 2022

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I may do something similar, but I also want to integrate Tretinoin. I am purchasing a gram of bimatoprost powder from India… it won’t be arriving for another 6-8 weeks though.

What pricing did you get on this purchase?

It’s pricey. $500… but it’s basically 2-3 years worth, and it’s stable for 3 years.

Not cheap (at least to me).

Did you check out the bimatoprost liquid formulations that seem to be available from many of the same online Indian pharmacies that many people use for purchasing rapamycin? Any cost comparisons on that option?

Yeah, I did. The cheapest one I found was $3 for 3ml of .03% solution. So that’s basically $3 per mg.