Rapamycin for Hair Growth and Hair Pigmentation

The Lactobacillus reuteri made the fur on the mice grow heavy and luxurious.

DAMN ! want that Fabio hair! My bad - okay then let’s toss it in… where do you get the good stuff - Lactobacillus reuteri to add in???

Not to add to your mix.

Make and eat, as per Davis.

The yogurt is the delivery vehicle.

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That is what I thought - LOL. Hence, brands using live and active cultures.-- Icelandic Yogurt Skyr or Chobani! I already do Chobani regularly - flips! Going to look for Siggi/Skyr Icelandic.

Can you make it like yeast? Then, add to yogurt. What is good brand to buy and where! Thanks!

Probiotic ‘glow of health’: it’s more than skin deep

L. Reuteri For Hair Loss: A Complete Review

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The Many Reasons to make L Reuteri Superfood Yogurt

Posted on Mar 12, 2022

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I may do something similar, but I also want to integrate Tretinoin. I am purchasing a gram of bimatoprost powder from India… it won’t be arriving for another 6-8 weeks though.

What pricing did you get on this purchase?

It’s pricey. $500… but it’s basically 2-3 years worth, and it’s stable for 3 years.

Not cheap (at least to me).

Did you check out the bimatoprost liquid formulations that seem to be available from many of the same online Indian pharmacies that many people use for purchasing rapamycin? Any cost comparisons on that option?

Yeah, I did. The cheapest one I found was $3 for 3ml of .03% solution. So that’s basically $3 per mg.


I can add a little n=1 input.

I have genetically freakishly thin eyebrows that always bothered me. 20-ish years ago I started using bimatoprost and it made my eyebrows “normal”- well beyond my expectations. Thrilled. Took 4-6 months as I recall.

My hair thinning is only in front- classic MPB Norwood 2 1/2-3. I’ve taken Finasteride for 25 years and use Minoxidil 2x day most days- sometimes 1x. I decided to add Bimatoprost into my nighttime regiment. I gave it 9 months. Nada, zilch. Nothing has ever worked to regain the recession in front- my regiment just slows the progression (quite effectively- owing to me starting early).

I also have a freakishly sparse “beard”. 2 weeks without shaving and I look exactly like a 14 year old boy trying to grow a beard- and that is AFTER 18 months of Minoxidil beard regiment with microneedling (which has increased my “beard” coverage by ~40%). I digress…

Anyway, I added Bimatoprost to one side for, again, 9 months; and, again, nada.

I’m going to try agetron’s formula with microneedling.

I already do microneedling from my neck up into my hairline. A word of caution, if I apply minoxidil before or after microneedling, it goes systemic pretty quick and sends my heart racing. It was pretty uncomfortable, and I stopped that experiment.

Given the info above about using microneedling to help deliver the Rapamycin, I’d like to try agetron’s formula x-minoxidil on the microneedling day, so I will mix up a second batch without the Minoxidil.


That’s 1/3 of what I’ve been paying! Do you recall which pharmacy? I buy it for my whole family due to our genetic eyebrow curse!


Another study on rapamycin for hair:

Herein, we report a dissolvable microneedle device for the co-delivery of rapamycin and epigallocatechin gallate nanoparticles that can significantly promote hair regeneration. Compared with the mice without any treatment, our strategy can facilitate hair growth within 7 days. Higher hair shaft growth rate and hair follicle density with inconspicuous inflammation were exhibited in C57BL/6 mice, elucidating its potential for clinical application.

Full Paper:

Writeup on this research:


I suck at reading research like this- the ADHD in me starts to stray pretty quick. With that disclaimer…

My takeaway is:

  1. More is not better in this case; as it seems the moderate dosage of rapamycin was much more effective.
  2. The EGCG was more the star than the rapa. Density not growth speed is what matters- density= new hair.
  3. As per #2, we might want to add EGCG to @Agetron formula.



Hahaha why not add EGCG for acceleration!

I am pleased with my tonic - but it is slow but consistent improvement. Each element adds something DSMO the solvent and access/penetration through the skin… 5% Minoxidil increases the anagen interval… finasteride blocking the production of DHT… rapamycin activates autophagy which encourages growth… metformin promotes growth and heals scalp eruptions…EGCG (extract) also blunts DHT inhibiting the activity of hormones that induce hair loss and promoting hair regrowth by stimulating hair follicles.

Making a new batch of tonic tonight – I will be sure to add EGCG extract. Walgreens has it I think. Might get the pills too. I have a doctor friend still working at age 83 years he swears by Green Tea pills. he has taken for past 3 years.


Don’t forget the Resveratrol! Finasteride coupled with full body hair has worked well for me the past 15 years. But after reading this thread I have been using my rapamycin cream and OneSkin higher up on my forehead!

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Everything I see is capsules vs pills. The alternative would be powder from Bulk Supplements which is 50% EGCG.

What is the opinion of Bulk Supplements in general? They are up front on their website that everyone sources from China, but that they then test every batch they get from China in-house for purity, contaminants, etc. Kinda reads like a “we know you don’t trust China, so rest assured, we test everything again here in the US because we don’t trust China either”!

I know a lot of people don’t trust Do Not Age. Bulk Supplements has very similar products— but better quality control???


FWIW: I have used several of the Bulk Supplements products for the past few years and have always been satisfied with the quality.

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Were there any problems with the quality of Do Not Age? I have bought some of their supplements and if there is a problem, I would switch. I thought it was just the price??? Please let me know of any better suppliers as I am always looking for something better. Thanks!!!

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