Rapamycin etc., Purchase Price Comparison Spreadsheet, and Issues Discussion

I have only used Vallabh/Shreeji.
All prices are per pill (ex Tretinoin) and from the last six months.

Minoxidil 5 mg () .20
Acarbose (Knoll) 50 mg .12
Sirolimus (biocon) 1mg .60
Canagliflozin 100mg (Ivokana) .65
Canagliflozin 300mg (Motivyst) 1.65
Trazadone 50mg (Trazocan) .25
Tretinoin cream .05% (tretiheal) 20g = .125/gram

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Large language models (aka AI, like ChatGPT and Bard) use a trained transformer which is very different from a structured query mechanism. Probabilistic responses at such a large scale are something I have trouble conceptualizing.

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I bought 500 tablets of 2mg Sirolimus from India for $600 AUD including the shipping. It got stopped by border force and I got a letter from TGA to explain. I got a letter from my doctor and they released it for me.

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Just to be clear - this happened in Australia, is that correct?

Yes the customs is in Australia. If my local GP will prescribe them for me it will only cost $29 AUD for 100x 2mg tablets, but 4x GPs later they all flat out refuse citing their insurer will not let them and I’m not a renal transplant patient.

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Please add Varun Medicals, Nagpur. (Pravin Lahoti +91 8048617086)

Just received my third shipment from him into UK. All successful and no problem (latest shipment rather larger than I’ve done before so did attract the attention of customs for payment of VAT (payable on any shipment worth more than £135) but that’s not much more than paying two shipping charges to avoid it). Although Rx medicines clearly stated on the customs declaration, no requirement to provide a prescription.

20 days from payment to receipt.

Rapacan 1mg $0.7 per tablet
Acarbose 50mg (Glucobay) $0.2 per tablet
Bempedoic Acid 180mg (Bempetol) $0.3 per tablet
Telmisartan (Telmiheal 40) $1 per 15 tablets.
Shipping $45

He wants to be paid in INR even though he quotes in USD. He supplied an invoice number and Revolute payments work no problem.

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Bempetol’s manufacturer is “Signature”: is it a good one? (never heard of it)
Same question for Telmaheal by Healing Pharma. I often see products from this company.

$45 shipping fees to the UK is extremely expensive. I paid $15 to $30 depending on the provider and quantity ordered.

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First time I’ve ordered the bempedoic acid and Telmisartan so I’ll have to let you know in the future if they are doing what they are supposed to do.
Obviously will know on the bp much earlier than the lipids.

Having the desired effect is not enough. We want to make sure that 1/ it’s the right product (telmisartan and not another antihypertensive), 2/ the dose is right (that you have 40 mg of the desired active product and not 30 or 50) and 3/ there are no impurities or other things.

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Telmisartan (generic) 30x 40mg tablets
Using GoodRX pay out of pocket using discount card/code in North New Jersey area

Yes, you would require a prescription.

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