Rapamycin Dosing With Prostate Procedure, Question

I’m having the in patient prostate surgical procedure called Urolift. The day it is scheduled is the day I take my every other week rapamycin dose. Do you see any issues with me taking my rapamycin later in the day after my surgical procedure?



I would take a break just to be cautious. At higher does rapamycin is known to reduce wound healing.


Thanks for the input!

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Yes. Take a break for a week or two, and let us know how the procedure goes. It’s on my list of possible remedies.


Thanks Jay for the input. Would be happy to discuss procedure with you after I get it.


Just to update. I backed out of the Urolift procedure given I read too many accounts of problems and the procedure not benefiting. However, I’m still having the enlarged prostate issue and having to get up at night too often to urinate. Anyone using any medications or supplements for this problem and experience good results? I know this is a Rapamycin forum and not a prostate forum but would appreciate any insights.

After I started using Acarbose and Butyric Acid supplement my prostate is far less irritated. You might want to try that. (I have tried everything you can find on internet said to help, this is the only things that have helped me)

Thank you for the input. May I ask what Butyric Acid supplement you using? Appreciate you taking the time to help me.

Not related to prostate surgery, but as it may be in line with this post I don’t want to spam the board with a new post.

For dental surgery; how long ahead of time would other members stop taking Rapa? I took a (for my weight) high dose, so I want to ride it out for a while. And how long after surgery would others resume Rapa? Any thoughts also about the SGLT2-inhitibor I’m taking? Many thanks.

The half life is about 3 days (60 hours) so you essentially half the dose for each 3 days that elapses. I am not myself sure how low things would need to go before not having an effect on immunity, but I do have my weekly blood tests.

Those said basically after 2mg for my 85kg weight there was an impact on WBC 8 days later which had gone by 17 days. So I would look for 17 days (or at least a fortnight) after 2mg and add 3 days for each doubling. Also adjust for weight.

2mg Rapamycin 6.40am 4/9/2022
WBC morning
7/9 - 3.5
12/9 - 2.31
21/9 - 3.08
26/9 - 2.98

I have generally been having a low WBC which I am trying to fix, but the WBC 8 days after Rapa, was my lowest figure this year (next lowest 2.48) so I think that is Rapa.

The theory is it hits WBC through reducing the IL-2 response.

I want to do some work to increase my WBC and then take Rapa again. However, I don’t want to interfere with that pathway until I have got a handle on WBC. (and also RBC where I have had a problem with MCV which I think I am fixing).


Just curious
a) Why take ACarbose and Butyric Acid?

b) Why take Butryic Acid rather than Sodium Butyrate?

Do you know of any relevant papers on this?

I use NutriCology brand, Butyr Aid

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Bought Acarbose and Butyric Acid supplements helps Butyric Acid production in the lower intestine, helps protects against leaky gut and helps with lowering the glucose spikes after food intake. Protects and repair the gut lining.
All my supplementations are based on scientific papers with proven results, But I can not remember what papers I read for this. I suspect my prostate problems are caused by glucose and not DHT…To be honest, I don’t know why or how it works, but it works for me.


Very helpful info; thanks so much for sharing! Admittedly I had no idea such a low dose of Rapa could suppress WBC-levels for such a long amount of time. I will get my WBC-levels tested also, but given my high dose and low weight I’m starting to think I may have to postpone this dental procedure.

My last WBC was 3.4. Neither my primary nor Dr. Green seemed concerned by that but I wish it was higher. Although 4.0 seems normal for me.

I would think two weeks would be a minimum. I would prefer four weeks from myself however.

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The issue is that Rapa reduces WBC production and this reduction in production of new cells lasts until Rapa has faded. Hence the number of WBCs is not initially reduced, but reduces depending on the lifetime of the WBCs (around 10 days ish) and the half life curve of Rapa.

It is an effect that could be calculated by integrating the variables, but at the end of the day I would wait a bit.

When I next take Rapa (which will have to wait for me to complete other processes) I will still be doing weekly (ish) blood tests so will have another data point which I will happily publish. I may stick to 2mg so I have two datapoints at 2mg. I am not going to take Rapa more frequently than every 4 weeks on the knowledge I have to date.

It may also be that somethign else in my complex stack inhibits WBC production, but I am checking that out.

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In May 2021 I had a WBC of 4.34, but this year it has been knocked down. I am wondering if it is copper deficiency and testing that out. WBC is one of those biomarkers that generally is linked to longevity on the basis of higher is better hence it strikes me superficially that it is best to try to get a higher level and if something is preventing that then it should be fixed.

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Getting the Urolift Tuesday, Feb 28th, they say I will be in pain for several days, but I am a NO on the opiates (vomiting). Friday is my Rapa day; I will decide then if I will skip or not. I have heard an 85% improvement rate for up to 10 yrs. I am tired of the every 10-30 min pee stops. Has anyone been pleased with the results?


Good luck. So glad I started finasteride when I was 33 years old (for my hair - vanity) - but now almost 65 years and my urologist says my prostate is the size of a guy in his 20’s - hard to even find. Never had any ED or other issues and yes – retained my hair - LOL. Still taking it every other day 2mg.

You younger guys might consider it. Not the big risk everyone thought decades ago when I started - now the opposite - might prevent prostrate cancer. WebMD link: Finasteride Oral: Uses, Side Effects, Interactions, Pictures, Warnings & Dosing - WebMD

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I was scheduled to get the procedure but canceled due to what I read on the Facebook group called “urolift discussion procedure group”. Lots of folks in that group regret the procedure. You might want to join that group.

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