Rapamycin and stem cell treatment

I’ve been taking Rapamycin for a couple of years, 8 mg once a week. Now, I’m scheduled for stem cell treatment for both of my knees in the end of October. I think I need to discontinue the Rapamycin two weeks before the treatment, and I wonder how long I need to stay away from Rapamycin afterwards? Would love to get some advice.

Hi, we get these types of discussions a lot here… I recommend you review some of the past discussions. Three or four weeks afterwards seems common, for waiting after surgery, but there isn’t really good data on this issue for healthy people doing longevity dosing of rapamycin.

Stem cell therapy is even more of an outlier in terms of us having any good data… it seems like a relatively minor type of “surgery” (I’m assuming its more of an injection).


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I would think the impact of Rapa on the procedure itself would be minimal. Bigger question to me would be what effect does Rapa have on stem cells?

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