Rapamycin and Trauma, Concerns about Wound Healing

I fell four weeks ago in Mexico and broke both arms require surgery amd a lot of titanium to fix. I have been taking Rapamycin for over a year, but I’m not sure if I should continue this after surgery. I haven’t taken any since the accident. Any information out there about Rapamycin post orthopedic surgery?

Rapamycin is known to slow healing. So I would stay off it until you fully heal.


If I were you, I’d avoid rapamycin until fully healed. This is a very high dose in the study below so its not directly comparable, but any wound healing degradation is probably not what you want in the current situation.

In conclusion, we found that RAPA treatment affected all steps of the wound healing process by decreasing the inflammatory cell number, angiogenesis, and myofibroblast proliferation, so the wound healing process was delayed and consequently the tensile strength of the wound decreased.


Rapamycin slows wound healing, even for little cuts and scratches. IMHO, given your condition, I’d lay off of it for at least 3 months.

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Thanks for the responses, I appreciate it. Will hold off until my T-Rex arms are fully healed.