Rapamune for sale (UK)

I’ve been on Rapamune for 15 months and just don’t feel I can justify extending the experiment any further. The three markers I care most about A1C, APoB and CRP are all trending in the wrong direction and my creatinine levels were also flagged for concern.

I have ~200x1mg Pfizer Rapamune tablets if anyone in the UK is interested in buying. My plan now is to switch to Acarbose for 12 months and see what impact that has.


Creatinine raises when you become more muscular or take more creatine …

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I’ve taken 5g/day creatine since 1997

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Maybe you have become more muscular, cyststin c is a better test for kidney function

An alternative to consider is to take a 6 - 8 months break and then restart with a smaller dose/longer breaks. A friend of mine (MD) believes that time will come when ppl will take Rapa for only 1 month per year as a prophylactic treatment. I tend to think that he could be right. Time will show.

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Yes, or like @John_Hemming has proposed… Single large doses once per quarter (like long fasts).


What was your dosing schedule?

8 to 12mg/week from January to November '23 and then 5mg/week.

Taken with fat (EVOO or avocado) but not GFJ.


Hi Maveric78. I would be very interested in purchasing your Rapamune. I am based in York but not back in the UK for a few weeks.

Sure. I’m looking for £3/mg which would be significantly less than what I paid.

I have 80x1mg with a use by of 9/23 and 100x1mg with a use by of 8/24. Based on my research Rapamune doesn’t degrade but, in any case, it has been stored in the fridge.

Hi Maveric,

I’m a long time lurker on the forum, first time posting (!).

I’d be very interested in purchasing your Rapa. I’m based in the NE, can potentially travel to collect.

Let me know if you’re still interested in selling - could split 50/50 with the other interested buyer if they’re still keen.

PS I think Rapamycin has possibly caused a slight rise in my lipids also (bloods done once a quarter), but I’m aiming to manage through a few dietary tweaks…

I live in Henley on Thames which is quite a commute. Perhaps @RapAdmin would be prepared to act as a payment intermediary (via PayPal)

I’d definitely be happy to split the purchase with anyone else that’s interested. I am currently in Brazil but I will be boarding a ship later today and won’t have access to the internet again until 12th April so please don’t assume I’ve gone cold if you don’t hear back from me in the meantime.

Hi again #Maveric78

Sorry for the long delay in getting back to you but I am finally back in the UK and getting my act together.

Are you still up for selling your Rapamycin? I note that you didn’t get a response to your escrow comment. Personally I’m happy enough to trust you to send the goods once I’ve paid you. Also happy to use PayPal if that’s your preferred method. The question is are we happy to send through the postal system? I think it must be sent with tracking and insurance though given the high value nature of the package.

Anyway, apologies once again for the delay and I understand if you’ve had a change of heart or sold to someone else. Also still happy to split with others.

You guys can do private messages to each other to work out the details. Just click on the other member’s icon/screen name and click on “message”.

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Thanks for the tip #RapAdmin :+1:


So to know if you are using a therapeutic rapamycin dose you would HAVE to have glucose intolerance (and/or other side effects)?

Otherwise the dose is too low?

I don’t really understand what Mr Blagosklonny is trying to say, could you or someone else elaborate?

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He also tweeted that calorie restriction/fasting/IF cause glucose intolerance/elevated lipids and these things are considered healthy and good for aging so I guess hes saying just because rapamycin causes elevated lipids it doesnt mean its a bad thing as fasting also does the same thing and fasting is good for you so we shouldnt worry about side effects from rapamycin but idk a little confusing lol

He does make 1 good point - it is true, If you water fast for like a week and test your lipids they will be more higher after the fast. Same if you calorie restrict long term.


He also tweeted that calorie restriction/fasting/IF cause glucose intolerance/elevated lipids

This meta-analysis begs to differ.

Effects of intermittent fasting and energy-restricted diets on lipid profile: A systematic review and meta-analysis - ScienceDirect.