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Trying to understand the exact meaning of “therapeutic effect” in this context. Is he suggesting that “therapeutic effects” are benevolent effects?

This may be a reposting, review;

Today on Twitter:

How to know if the dose is too low or high? Also, are we now talking about taking it daily? I’m very confused.

Here some more confusion:

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I’m pretty sure his statement about mTORC2 not being inhibited in humans refers to it not being inhibited directly at concentrations that can be achieved with reasonable doses in humans. That doesn’t mean mTORC2 doesn’t get inhibited in humans. It still gets inhibited indirectly, it just takes longer to occur than a direct inhibition would.

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Back in the day: “Linus Carl Pauling, the only person to win two unshared Nobel Prizes, revolutionized the study of chemistry, helped found the field of molecular biology, and made important advances in medical research.”
He used to sound much like Blagosklonny, but went completely off the rails in his promotion of vitamin C. In spite of his two Nobel prizes many of his predictions for vitamin C were later found not to be true.
I have found Blogosklonny on Twitter to be confusing and he sometimes denigrates people who try to pin him down. From his paper, which he claims not to have time to finish. “The most popular schedule of rapamycin for longevity is 5-7 mg once a week”
But, he doesn’t say if this is good. He just goes on to say "1 mg rapamycin every day was also well tolerated in a clinical trial in healthy elderly [5]. So, both schedules have negligible side effects. But are they equally effective for life extension? We do not know." "Then on Twitter when he was asked about 6mg/weekly, he says “This dose was suggested by me 15 years ago, for wrong reason”, but he doesn’t say if this is a good dose or not.
Bottom line: IMO
Mikhail V. Blagosklonny, MD, Ph.D. does not know.


Came to the exactly same conclusion long ago. Unfortunate thing is that nobody knows. Only time and more research will eventually show.