Rapa with food, grapefruit juice?

I’m planning on the suggested 1 mg, then increasing 1mg/wk until 6-7/weekly. Does time of day, empty/full stomach or with grapefruit juice influence availability or side effects? I’ve seen varying perspectives throughout the threads. Thanks everyone for any input.

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To me it comes down to a money benefit vs ease of following the widely accepted dosing range.

I think if you’re going to use gfj, one should either be vigilant about finding peak and trough levels when you dose it that way, or keep the dosing lower and assume at least 3.5x increase in serum concentration. Ideally do the former though.


I’m very curious what others recommend. I plan to go biweekly and increase slowly by 1.5mg equivalent per dosing until 3mg+GFJ.
Im going to assume a 3x multiplier for the GFJ.
1mg +gfj
1.5mg + gjf
2mg +gfj
2.5mg +gfj
3mg + gfj
Followed by a month off + reappraise based on side effects and/or perceived benefits

Ultimately I’d like to achieve 5mg + gfj monthly because that seems (based on anecdotal data gleaned from this brilliant website) to achieve the 30ng/ml blood serum level thought to be an important threshold for blood brain transfer

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3X is a good assumption for the effect of GFJ.

1.3X is a good assumption for taking Rapamycin with high fat foods like EVOO.


I’ve never seen any reference for something like this. Do you have one?

Also - some additional reading if you are considering grapefruit juice with rapamycin:

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Here: Rapamycin and Grapefruit Juice

Here: Grapefruit interaction with longevity meds?

Here: Rapamycin Interactions with Other Food, Drinks, Supplements and Drugs

Here: Ketoconazole timing for enhanced Rapamycin absorption

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Hi, You are absolutely right to pull me up on this. I was basing it on something said by Blagosklonny, rather than any actual data.
I see you’ve looked at the basis for Blagosklonny’s dosing assumptions here

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Do you know if they’re multiplicative?

Not multiplicative but synergistic. I am not aware of the total multiplier, but whatever it is, it cannot exceed 10X. My guess is together they are between 3.3X and 4X.

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