Push Health prescribing experience

Thanks for your help on this John!

I attempted Push Health on Dec 11th, assigned to Noor Amin, MD and he rejected my request for a prescription. My request fee would be refunded. But I was charged a consulting fee of $37. My alternative option is much more expensive so it was worth a shot. I can say the Push Health process was fast and I was rejected quickly.


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Well, I guess thats the best possible outcome for a bad outcome (not getting what you wanted).

You might want to try the other online prescription company; Healthspan… see here: Rapamycin Prescription, Doctors that Prescribe It


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@John_Hemming does have his “Wallace and Grommit” moments, it seems :smile:


I am just starting on the Rapamycin experience and wanted a doctor to check to see if there would be a problem taking Sirolimus with my current meds. Initially I looked at Healthspan - Online Clinic, but the cost of Sirolimus there would have been $175 for a 1 month supply (5 mg/week, $8.75/mg) which seemed high. I then looked at Push Health After submitting my health information I was assigned a provider and after a couple hours I was given a prescription for Sirolimus (90 mg, no refills). Push Health charged $70 and was a positive experience for me. Then I made the mistake of filling the prescription via Honeybee Health, their online affiliated pharmacy. It took 2 weeks and a couple phone calls to get the medication. The brand they gave me was Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories which is an Indian Company (cost was $3.83/mg). Next time I will probably try ordering directly from India.


Push Health is very problematic. At the start of my rapamycin journey, I tried Push Health. You get assigned some random doctor or even a nurse practitioner. In my case, I was assigned to a nurse practitioner who apparently mixed me up with someone else.
She prescribed Ivermectin and sent a script to a mail-order pharmacy. When I tried to rectify the problem, she sent a prescription to another mail-order pharmacy. Of course, this was at the height of the Covid-19 debacle. That’s when I found this site and learned I could buy rapamycin from India. I have been happy with the results from the recommended suppliers and I have saved a ton of money.
Bottom line: Use Push Health at your own risk, and if you use Push Health and actually get a prescription, expect your rapamycin journey to be expensive.


Can you give details for your suppliers?

Thanks, Beth

Beth - these are all suppliers that are working for people here: Buy Rapamycin Online - List of Reliable Pharmacies

Thanks, next time I’ll try one of those places.

I am happy for those folks that can get a medicine they desire prescribed by someone; I am libertarian in that respect. However, I don’t know how these doctors do this prescribing, sight unseen.
Suppose I wrote a script for someone, and a bad outcome occurred. In that case, especially if I am not certified and trained to prescribe for this disorder, I could get sued to high heaven, and my malpractice insurance company would cease to cover me in the future.
All this runs counter to what I learned in medical school. I am not saying, “It’s wrong,” but I couldn’t do it with a clean conscience.


I am sure that is why my doctor who is employed by a university medical system will not prescribe anything out of the ordinary.
He is very smart, but I soon hit a brick wall if I want to discuss possible life-extension drugs.


The insurance side is an issue. There is probably a market for insurance for medics who are willing to operate a less conservative approach when it comes to longevity. However, I have concluded myself that coached biohacking is the most practical mechanism to enable people to work in this area.


Why is it not possible to simply sign a waiver stating that you take full responsibility for the drug and will not sue if anything bad happens?


People do get those forms signed but they end up being meaningless from what I understand. Even though I am a psychiatrist, technically I could perform surgery on people, but no form they fill out will protect me from getting sued if I have provided poor-quality medical care.


Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories is what I received under Cigna… prescription by my General Practioner… from American pharmacy. It is legit… and used in the Triad dog studies… I think.

I just tend to bark more often… WOOF!


I think Matt used Zydus rapamycin in the first pilot study of rapamycin in dogs (prior to the larger TRIAD project). I think he might be using the new TriumVet product in the dog aging project now - he includes their logo a lot in the presentations he gives.

But, its not listed on TriumVet’s clinical trial page, so I could be wrong. I’ll check next time I talk with him:



July 22nd - Argonaut wrote…
Yes. There was a study I saw, on dogs I believe, that specified the brands of rapamycin used. They used Zydus and Dr. Reddy. They likely wanted brands they could depend on to be consistent.

I double checked and Triad used Zydus. Not sure who used the Dr. Reddy that argonaut mentioned. Nevertheless, Dr. Reddy is good rapamycin dope!


Decided to try Push Health. Maybe my approach wasn’t the right one?

TLDR I was not at all happy with Push Health!

Paid $64.98 to talk with a NP (I asked for a doctor). They prescribed 6mg once every other week for two months, so a total of 24mg. To finalize the prescription they wanted to charge me $79 + $14.99 service fee. That’s not including the cost of the Sirolimus (which would likely add another $96 to the cost. In total it would work out to be $254.97 for 24 MG. That’s more than $10 per 1 MG. Also, I’d need to pay $79 + $14.99 again after two months (plus the cost of the medication).

Full conversation with Push Health is just below. Names (mine and theirs) were omitted.

Push Health - Tue, Feb 21 2023, 12:09pm

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our practice and to thank you for choosing Nurse Practitioner (name omitted) Office to participate in your healthcare. We look forward to providing you with personalized, comprehensive health care focusing on wellness and prevention. (name omitted)

  • May I know if have you taken Sirolimus before? If yes, how do you take/use it daily? Send an old prescription bottle as well.
  • What is your diagnosis for taking this medicine?
  • May I know your current height and weight?
    Let us know, thank you.

Me - Tue, Feb 21 2023, 12:15pm

I am interested in trying Rapamycin (Sirolimus) to ameliorate aging conditions. I am xx years old (xx next month), in relatively good health, but have definitely been feeling some aging. Although my diet is quite good and I exercise. I have heard from others how Rapamycin helped them feel great.

I would like to talk about the use of Rapamycin by well persons, not at the daily dose of transplant patients but at a 5mg/week level cited in Mannick, below. My understanding is that R. extends life-span and health-span in every animal tested.

Here are 3 resources:

Dr Kaeberlein’s explanation in video: Matt Kaeberlein | Aging Interventions - Rapamycin, mTOR, CR, Sirtuins, NAD+ & Dog Aging Project - YouTube 4

Dr. Mannick’s 2014 paper: https://bit.ly/2BLOi6l 5

Podcast on ITP research (44:45): #148 - Richard Miller, M.D., Ph.D.: The gold standard for testing longevity drugs: the Interventions Testing Program - Peter Attia 7

I have not taken Sirolimus before. Am 6 foot 1 inch and I am 166 pounds. I would take it once per week. Ideally 10mg once per week.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns about my request.
Warm Regards,
(my name omitted)

Push Health - Tue, Feb 21 2023, 12:36pm

This is all noted. Please give us some time, as we will relay your concerns to our provider. If more information is required, we will send a message. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Me - Tue, Feb 21 2023, 12:45pm

Thank you. I’ll wait.

Push Health - Tue, Feb 21 2023, 1:21pm

Hi as per the provider we recommend:

  • Sirolimus 2mg tab, take 6mg (3 tabs) inter-weekly (one week yes one no) for 2 months; qty12.
    Is this okay with you? Please let us know. Thank you.

Me - Tue, Feb 21 2023, 1:55pm

That’s much lower than I was hoping for. Can the dosage be increased in the future if I have no side effects during the first two months?

Push Health - Tue, Feb 21 2023, 3:16pm

As per provider this is not a treatment approved by the FDA and there is poor evidence on how to send it for antiaging. thank you.

Me - Tue, Feb 21 2023, 3:37pm

OK understood. After two months prescription is utilized can I request a refill? I am ok to start with amount recommended.

Push Health - Tue, Feb 21 2023, 3:45pm

Yes, you can. We also wanted to inform you that for 2 months’ supply the fee is $49 plus a PUSH service fee of $14.99 is this okay with you? Let us know thank you.

Sorry for the typo. The 2 months’ supply fee is $79 plus a PUSH service fee of $14.99 is this okay with you? Let us know thank you.

Me - Tue, Feb 21 2023, 3:55pm

So $79 is the cost of the medication? Will it be mailed to me?

Push Health - Tue, Feb 21 2023, 4:02pm

$79 is the cost of the prescription, it will be sent directly to your preferred pharmacy. For the price of the medication, you need to contact your preferred pharmacy. Let us know Thank you.

Me - Tue, Feb 21 2023, 4:31pm

One last question, do I need to pay $79 again in two months to get a refill?

Push Health - Tue, Feb 21 2023, 5:07pm

Yes, refill for 2 months supply the fee s $79 plus Push service fee. Thank you.

Me - Tue, Feb 21 2023, 5:13pm

No thanks, that’s much too high. I don’t feel comfortable with that arrangement.


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Just buy online from Jagdish Nikose or one of the other reputable Indian vendors.