PPM to mg Rapamycin study (higher the better)?

What would be the dose of 42ppm Rapa in mg and how can I calculate mice to human/dog equivalent?
Very much appreciated.

This has long been a topic of conversation here… I recommend these links to catch up on the discussion

Here The Key issue of Dosing Levels and Intervals for Best Rapamycin Outcomes

And here Coversion of ppm to mg or mg/kg

And here Ideas on Protocols for Testing Higher Rapamycin Doses

And we have people here trying to get to higher dosing but avoiding the common negative side effects above 30mg dosing of diarrhea and GI issues using injection and intranasal…

And of course there are risks as you go higher…

More here One User Trying Very High Doses of Rapamycin, and Negative Adverse Events / Results

IM and IN Here Intramuscular (IM) + Intranasal (IN) Rapamycin - A new paradigm for human longevity translation


I am on my phone right now and will post more later. But in short, it seems that higher doses results in longer lifespan in the range tested so far in mice, but we are a long way from figuring out the optimal dosing levels, delivery methods, and timing (and associated risks of each) in humans.

Oh, and indepth dog dosing info here How Do I Get Rapamycin for My Dog?


Thank you so much for your help, appreciate it.