New paper on longevity enhancing supplements & drugs including Rapamycin

Interesting paper on supplement and drug interventions for longevity including Rapamycin and… wait for it… MORPHINE!!

The present review focus on the properties of slow aging and healthy life span extension of natural products from various biological resources, endogenous substances, drugs, and synthetic compounds, as well as the mechanisms of targets for antiaging evaluation. These bioactive compounds that could benefit healthy aging and the potential role of life span extension are discussed.


I like how it starts with Astaxanthin… :slight_smile:

This fact was telling:
‘However, the pregnancy rate, a trial result that is most telling, reached 54.5% in the astaxanthin group compared to 10.5% in the placebo group (P < 0.05).’

So, if you want a child, astaxanthin seems pretty darn good…

This is a very comprehensive summary paper. I like it!