Need Advice: Writing an Article on Physical Function Related Mortality Predictors

Hey guys! I’m working on an article about performance-based measures of physical function as mortality predictors.

Seems like the following are widely-agreed to be associated with likelihood of mortality (with actual data support). Are there any you can think of that I’m missing?

  • sit/stand test
  • grip strength
  • balance
  • lung function
  • pushups
  • walk speed
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Jumping, opening a jar, reaction time, many more

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We covered some in this thread: What grip strength can tell you about how well you’re aging (WaPo) - #10 by desertshores

There are numerous different versions of the balance test, and I’m not sure which one is best validated: Balancing on One Leg, Good Test for Your Longevity

Also - Peter Attia has mentioned a bunch of functional tests he likes…not sure if they are based on research related to mortality. He mentions the bar hang (for 1 or 2 minutes…), the Farmer’s carry of something like half your weight. Perhaps someone has the full list.


Hi Phil

Just came across an article called ‘Epigenetic Biomarker for Measuring Aging Through Fitness’.

It talks about matrix’s like: “gait speed, grip strength, a lung measurement of forced expiratory volume in one second (FEV1), and VO2max, a key measurement of cardiovascular fitness.”


Thanks again to everyone who responded with advice! I’m writing the article now, and will post it here when it’s done. (It’s going to be about exercises to add to your workout that focus on improving longevity biomarker tests). If anyone has other suggestions to add, please let me know.

Just published this yesterday . . . a few of the exercises on this list are also longevity biomarker test related: