Natural rapalogs, rapalogues

What’s the strongest, evidence-based, natural rapalogue?

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Well, rapamycin is actually a naturally-produced compound discovered on Easter Island back in the 1960s. I encourage you to listen to the podcast here and look at the stories and the history of rapamycin here: The Discovery of Rapamycin - The first paper that started it all (1975)

Of course - its a lot easier and cheaper to duplicate the molecule via chemistry, than dig up bacteria in the dirt on Easter Island to make a “natural” form of rapamycin - so everyone just relies here on the drug, that costs about $1 per tablet if sourced from India (and $3 to $4 per tablet in US) for a total cost of around $40 to $400 per month for 10mg/week dosing (perhaps a bit higher than the 6mg average / weekly dosing).

There are no known natural rapalogs (ie other natural compounds that function like the natural compound rapamycin or the drug rapamycin).

More information: Rapamycin, Rapamune, Sirolimus and Other Naming Conventions


I’ve learned all about it. I’m obsessed actually. I’m just looking for something I’m supplement form. My first dose messed w me a little. So I’m going to take an even smaller one next time. Actually, wanted to put it on topically to build my confidence up. Part of me just wants to push through the oral as it will most likely get better.

There is plenty of discussion on this forum on topical application by many of the member’s…

Kaempferol is a candidate natural mimetic of everolimus.

The docking studies support Kaempferol to be a potential ligand with docking score values of 33.4 (3CQU-3D structure of AKT1)] and 27.3 (2FAP-3D structure of FRB domain of mTOR) respectively as compared to that of standard drug Everolimus with 24.4 (3CQU-3D structure of AKT1) and 20.1 (2FAP-3D structure of FRB domain of mTOR) respectively. Docking studies along with ADMET results shows that Kaempferol has favorable drug likeliness properties and bind to the same active site (site1) of the targeted proteins (3CQU-3D structure of AKT1) and (2FAP-3D structure of FRB domain of mTOR) where the standard drug Everolimus is known to bind. Conclusion The study exhibited that Kaempferol was having a better binding affinity towards the receptor FKBP12, a Rapamycin Binding Domain and AKT serine/threonine-protein kinase resulting in its better efficacy in the mTORC1 inhibition as when compared with standard drug Everolimus against HCC.


What size dose did you try last time, and what happened (what does “messed w/me a little” mean?)

Many people find it helpful to start low - e.g. at 1mg/week and slowly increase. See: What is the Rapamycin Dose / Dosage for Anti-Aging or Longevity?

Also - I recommend you read up on the safety of rapamycin, people have tried to overdose with over 100mg in one shot, with no longterm ill effects: How Safe is Rapamycin (part 2)

Interesting, but still untested so just a hope for the future.

So I’m taking Rapamycin to self medicate a chronic condition of my nervous system. Definitely several things going on: inflammatory bowel, chronic constipation, pain in many places in my body, low energy, tinnitus, slow consistent cognitive decline for almost 20 years, what seems like partial seizures or dopamine deficits, stiff and clenching, visual issues, movement issues, and this internal vibration chattering of my teeth and trembling of my body has turned me into an insomniac…and I could keep going w more symptoms. Lately it’s become disabling after changing jobs to a bumpy ride all day and somehow an adverse response to a shitty acupuncture session. I’ve tried everything over the years except hormones. So many thousands of hours and dollars spent on experimentation. Some of those experiences, Neurofeedback in particular, caused some serious reactions. Leading to permanent damage to my vision and PTSD. Since before, and especially after Neurofeedback, and some other serious traumas… trying anything new, especially stimulants (raising neurotransmitters like dopamine especially I think) creates some sort of doomsday feeling. It’s more than a panic disorder. Its like a partial seizure. It’s like a psychotic episode. It’s super strange. Makes me terrified to try new things. I’m able to drink coffee in small amounts, but still have to be careful. I stopped coffee since becoming an insomniac. I’ve been able to get better sleep lately. Anyway, this has trapped me from being able to explore new therapies. I noticed positive effects a few days after taking Rapamycin. But for a few days I wasn’t able to sleep, very twitchy, and anxious. I noticed something positive though after for a couple weeks it seemed like. So I’m a believer. I want to push through. I might have to cut the pills.

I would recommend you do some research on the idea of pill splitting. Some pills lose their effectiveness when cut in half. Rapamycin is not very bioavailable so I think most of the manufacturers incorporate some sort of coating, or nanocrystal technology to slow the disolving of the tablets, so that they get into the small intestine and are more bioavailable. if you cut them in half you may lose that. People have had problems with bioavailability of some of the compounding pharmacy versions of rapamycin because they don’t have this coating.

See: Rapamycin and NanoCrystal Formulations

See: Bioavailability of Rapamycin From Compounding Pharmacy

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