Low-frequency ultrasound appears to have rejuvenating effects on animals

Remember when Scientific American actually did science? Sold Hewlett Packard calculators with RPN logic?

Now they’re talking about cats and why they purr, and they don’t even have an answer. This could have been written by somebody in elementary school, or Chat GPT.

But they purr at 100 Hertz and we’re on more like a million. I know it’s a joke, and not your fault, but SA really went to shit.

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Thanks for the article. By this logic, my semi tractor or for that matter all my farm tractors should be healing machines. My tendons should be like steel.

Had prp on my shoulder last summer and just had it done to my elbow too. It got worse all fall as I did my annual marathon for a couple months of harvest.

Cats are strange creatures. I really think they are as likely to eat the guy feeding them as they are to try to heal him.



That is amazing, they can explode your tumor without cutting you open.

My daughter has been working with a doctor from MD Anderson, so I’ll see if she can find out if it might work for her. Don’t want to bore with details.

Ultrasound seems to me like a big deal, but frequency and intensity and delivery are important and we aren’t getting the details on this yet.

Great article.


another writeup on this reseach:

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Soaking in an ultrasonic bath tub/hot tub/ jacuzzi with adjustable frequency.

From the article: “Her father had suffered for years from essential tremor, a movement disorder similar to Parkinson’s.”

I was developing an “essential tremor”, the “essential” part I consider BS and should just be addressed as age-related tremor.
In any case, I had been developing “essential tremors”. My hands had become shaky when trying to eat. Like having the peas fall off the fork when trying to get them into my mouth. When I started rapamycin I was not anticipating that it would have any effect on this syndrome but after a few months of rapamycin, I became aware that my “essential tremors” had disappeared.
I am extremely interested to hear if anyone else has noticed this result from taking rapamycin, or am I just a one-off example?

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My uncle has it really bad and can barely eat. I noticed a couple years ago that it was coming. More like if I was shaking some salt or something my hand would keep shaking on it’s own. The rapa made me forget about it. I think this is a genuine thing.

Also I was getting the swallowing issue that Agetron had. My dad died of Bulbar ALS and I assumed that was what was happening. This also went away.