Low-frequency ultrasound appears to have rejuvenating effects on animals

Has anyone seen this:

Low-frequency ultrasound appears to have rejuvenating effects on animals

Accumulation of senescent cells in tissue and organs leads to aging abnormalities. Rejuvenating senescent cells provides a strategy to ameliorate aging. We report here that low frequency ultrasound (LFU) rejuvenates senescent cells causing growth and loss of senescence markers. With fibroblasts and mesenchymal stem cells, LFU can enable increased cell expansion without altering phenotype. At a subcellular level, LFU causes mitochondrial fission and loss of lysosome staining that is enhanced by rapamycin or Rho kinase inhibition and blocked by Sirtuin1 inhibition, consistent with the hypothesis that LFU activates autophagy. In vivo, older mice are rejuvenated by LFU as measured by increased physical performance and decreased levels of senescent cells in kidney and pancreas measured by three markers. Thus, we suggest that LFU alone increases aged cell and whole animal performance. One-Sentence Summary Low frequency ultrasound alone rejuvenates senescent cells and aged mice by activating autophagy.



I’m wondering when I’ll get one of these and put it with my NIR light and Sperti. Thanks


Going to visit with our M.D. Ultrasound professor at the medical school where I work.
Need access to this!


Let us know if he recommends anything for us humans. :slight_smile:


They call it LFU (low frequency ultrasound). . It seems to be the same as what other scientists call LIPUS (low intensity pulsed ultrasound). LIPUS has been studied for bone healing,

fracture healing


periodontal bone formation

https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC9458930/ and

skin problems - vitiligo


The paper does not reveal the secret sauce - what frequency was used.

Chinese scientists have used LIPUS to fortify the flagpole.



There are cheap LIPUS devices being marketed for pain.


This confuses me some since senescent cells put out cytokines that cause healing. They are needed for wounds and prevent disease by activating the immune system.

Here we’re using a device that shuts up the senescent cells and it helps heal wounds too? How?


Haven’t found any article yet on LIPUS and senescent cells. But the abstract below states that LIPUS helps with collagen synthesis.

Can you quote the part about shuts up senescent cells?

From the study that Coach Harvey quoted at the top of the thread,

One-Sentence Summary: Low frequency ultrasound alone rejuvenates senescent cells and aged
mice by activating autophagy.

And if you read it, it sounds like the healthy cells around it help the senescent cells to become healthy.

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Okay I see now. From the pdf

One-Sentence Summary: Low frequency ultrasound alone rejuvenates senescent cells and aged mice by activating autophagy.

Do cells need to be senescent to conduct repair? Isn’t autophagy the process of recycling and repair?

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Yeah, this is what confuses me:

Or this:


Use any search engine, they’re all over the place. Senescent cells help in wound repair. Here they have an ultrasound machine, supposedly quieting the senescent cells and healing them, and the same machine is used for improving tissue repair. It just seems a little off, but I’m sure both can be true at the same time.

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That is for wound healing, not bone repair. Bone repair occurs after the inflammation stage has done its job.

The healing process of a fractured bone involves four steps: inflammation, soft callus formation, hard callus formation, and bone remodeling.

Following injury, the initial inflammatory phase involves damage to blood vessels, periosteal tissue, osteon units, and perforating canals.6 The damaged blood vessels result in the formation of a fracture hematoma, which functions to occlude blood flow to the site of injury. Such occlusion of blood flow results in necrosis of the bone and subsequently, the release of inflammatory cytokines that initiate angiogenesis and induce osteoclastic and macrophagic activity.1,6 Angiogenesis is critical in delivering adequate oxygen, nutrients, and cells to the site of injury to promote healing, whereas osteoclasts and macrophages function in the removal of dead tissue and cellular debris.7

Following inflammation is the genesis of a soft or fibrocartilaginous callus. Angiogenesis promotes the delivery of osteogenic cells and fibroblasts to the site of injury, resulting in the formation of an initial “procallus”.6,7 The fibroblasts secrete collagen to temporarily connect the broken ends of the bone, and the osteogenic cells differentiate in the avascular environment into chondroblasts. The chondroblasts subsequently deposit fibrocartilage, which converts the procallus into the characteristic soft callus in the process of fracture healing.6,8

Fracture healing continues with the evolution of the soft callus into a hard, bony callus. This process is initiated by the differentiation of osteogenic cells into osteoblasts in the well-vascularized bone tissue. The osteoblasts initiate intramembranous ossification, replacing the soft callus with a trabeculae network of bone connecting the developing and necrotic bone fragments.1,6 This is accomplished via the release of sequestered organic bone matrix and calcium salts from within the osteoblasts.9


This ties in with John Hemming’s theory/approach. Instead of killing senescent cells, better to improve their functioning. So I might I might pull the trigger (click the buy icon) on the cheapo mattress.

Oops wrong thread about the mattress. That is the magnetic field thread.

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Ha ha, I wondered if there was a mattress. I was talking about putting it up like it was a speaker…

It looks like you have to smear the goo on and push it into the area you want treated.


Maybe instead of Infrared Saunas, there will be a sonic sauna, where we go in and get pelted by Low-frequency sound waves. Or combine the two.


Seems to already be in use for skin care…

Don’t know if any of Dr. Killen’s patients have tried it for flagpole repair.


Again, no mention of the frequency. The device I posted is sold in 1mhz to 3mhz frequencies. The paper says:

Because ultrasound has been approved for human exposure at power levels ten to hundred-fold higher than the levels used in this study, we suggest that it is practical to develop ultrasound-based therapies that could inhibit the increase in the fraction of senescent cells in tissues with aging and thereby inhibit the onset of many age-related maladies.

Page 23 shows the LFU treatment details.

LFU treatment of cells

Prior to LFU treatment, the plates containing senescent Vero cells or late passage HFF cells were wrapped with parafilm to avoid contamination and water influx into the plate. The samples were placed on the plastic mesh, which was mounted on the water tank with an ultrasound transducer. Water in the tank was degassed and heated to 350 C.

The distance between the sample and transducer was approximately 9-10 cm. We also ensured that there were no air20 bubbles or air-water interfaces between the water and the sample. Output power of the transducer was measured at the plate location by a calibrated hydrophone. Cells were treated with pressure pulses of intermediate power and low frequency for 30 mins. Cells were treated with a 50% on-off duty cycle. After LFU treatment, cell plates were returned to the incubator for 48 h to determine the growth of senescent cells.

Is LFU something that ITP would of should test?

Maybe that explains why we (cat lovers) feel such pleasure holding a purring cat! LOL
Suddenly it’s all so clear!

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