Longevity Summit 2023, The Future of Medicine; Eliminating the Diseases of Aging

Now only two months away, the Longevity Summit conference is taking place again this year at the Buck Institute in Novato, California (about 30 minutes North of San Francisco, in Marin county). You can see my coverage of last year’s Longevity Summit here. They have put some of the videos of last year’s presentations online, viewable here.

They have an online/virtual option as well as in-person, this year. And its relatively inexpensive, at $149 less the 15% discount with the “RapamycinNews23” discount code.

In-person attendance is $599, less a 15% discount with the “RapamycinNews23” discount code.

For anyone on the west coast, I think this is the premier longevity science conference that bridges the gap between longevity biotech and longevity science. Its an ideal meeting for knowledgeable longevity enthusiasts like we have on this site. This is a great chance to talk with many of the leading longevity scientists and longevity biotech startup founders over coffee or lunch. Last year I found there were quite a few longevity-oriented medical doctors attending and they told me they found the conference very educational.

I prefer this type of meeting over the RAADfest type of consumer-oriented meeting because the content and the discussions are detailed, focused and there are few non-scientist salesmen. Please let me know if you’re going. Its always fun to meet other enthusiasts.

If you have any burning questions that you think we need answers to, from the list of speakers below, please post them and I’ll try to get them answered.

They describe the conference as follows:

It will take place over two days at the scenic Buck Institute for Research on Aging in Novato, California. This immersive conference includes ample time to converse over shared meals and after hours wine and hors d’oeuvres. We gather the entire longevity ecosystem to tackle the aging problem: longevity entrepreneurs, existing pharma and biotech companies, investors, researchers, and government organizations. Developing aging interventions may represent the largest value creation journey in human history, and it’s going to require a coordinated industry.

The Longevity Summit creates a peer to peer learning environment focused on the business of longevity and the key areas of innovation needed to progress the longevity industry.

Register today, and use use code “RapamycinNews23” for 15% off tickets.

Register here: Longevity Summit 2023 Registration

Some of the speakers:

  • George Church, PhD, Professor, Harvard University

  • Nikolina Lauc, CEO, GlycanAge

  • Bryan Johnson, Founder & CEO, Blueprint

  • Pankaj Kapahi, PhD, Professor, Buck Institute

  • Janice Chen, PhD, CTO & Co-founder, Mammoth Biosciences

  • Michael Snyder, PhD, Professor & Chair, Stanford University

  • Ijeome Uche, MPH, CEO & Co-founder, Birth by Us

  • Kristen Fortney, PhD, CEO & Co-founder, BioAge Labs

  • Eric Verdin, MD, CEO/President, Buck Institute

  • Omri Amirov-Drory, PhD, CEO & Co-founder, Renewal Bio

  • Robin Mansukhani, CEO, Deciduous Therapeutics

  • Colwyn Headley, PhD, Postdoc, Stanford University

  • Christin Glorioso, MD PhD, Co-founder & CEO, NeuroAge Therapeutics

  • Renée Deehan, PhD, VP, Science & AI, InsideTracker

  • Steve Horvath, PhD, Principal Investigator, Altos Labs

  • Daisy Robinton, PhD, CEO & Co-founder, Oviva Therapeutics

  • Alessandra Zonari, PhD, CSO, One Skin

  • Peter Fedichev, PhD, CEO & Co-founder, Gero

  • Daniel Ives, PhD, CEO & Co-founder, Shift Biosciences

  • Ronjon Nag, PhD, Founder & President, Adjunct Professor, R42 Group, Stanford

  • Lee Hood, MD PhD, CEO, Founder & Professor, Phenome Health, Institute of Systems Biology


Looks to be good event. The A4M conference has a good lineup this year also:

Kiprov will be there.

I just signed up for the Longevity Summit last week. Looking forward to it!

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Are you attending in person, or virtually? If you are there in person, send me a PM and perhaps we can chat.