Lab results after 4 months of use

Hi everyone,

First time posting on the forum. I’ve taking Rapamycin (Biocon) for 4 months now. Here’s my dosage and personal infos;

Age : 32

Sex : Male

Weight : 168 lbs

Heigh : 6’1’’

Body fat : About 7-8%

Physically active. I do tennis 2x a week + weight lifting 2x week.

1st month :

Week 1 : 3mg single weekly dose

Week 2 : 4mg single weekly dose

Week 3 : 5 mg single weekly dose

Week 4 : 5 mg single weekly dose

I then read different experiences from users on the forum regarding the possible benefits of pulsing larger doses less often. I also read a few papers from Dr. Blagosklonny. I decided to dose 8mg every 12 days as a result. And it’s the posology I’ve been using for the last 3 months (so 4 months total with the ramping up of the 1st month).

I’ve had some lab work last week and the HBA1C came up high (close to prediabetes really…). From what I can see in this paper, hyperglycemia could be a side effect. I’ve attached the lab work to the post.

Anyone ever had this side effect after dosing for a few months? I’m considering stopping the experiment. Rapamycin is the only drug I’m using (antiaging or not).

Diet : I’m doing intermittent fasting (15 hours fast) and eat about 3000cal a day.

I bought a glucometer yesterday and tested my glucose levels. My last Rapamycin dose was 10 days ago.

1h after dinner : 5,3 mmol/L

Waking up : 5,1 mmol/L

End of my fasting period (1PM) : 4,6 mmol/L

These results seem perfectly normal. So my hypothesis is that Rapamycin messes very badly with my blood glucose levels. And the effect must last for a few days after the dose since HBA1C is a mean of your glucose level for the last 2-3 months.

So, what are your thoughts? Curious if anyone ever experienced anything alike?



Seriously, you’ve done a DEXA, this is amazingly low. You must be very lean, your BMI is 22. 3,000 calories/day on 22 BMI, interesting.

What was your A1c before rapamycin intervention?

You lipids don’t seem dysregulated, I don’t see triglyceride?

Creatinine high can be a side effect.

Any other side effects?

Your remnant cholesterol RC = TC-LDL-HDL is 0.2, super low CVD risk.



What type of diet are you on - high carb, moderate carb, low carb?

Some people see increased HBA1C measures, but its not too frequent.

You may want to look at adding acarbose during meals, or canagliflozin, in your case they seem like they might be complementary at multiple levels:

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Thanks for taking the time to answer! I play sports at a high level of intensity. I don’t see why bone density would be an issue. I have an athletic build (on the lean side obviously).

I didn’t mention bone density…what are you responding to? I was commenting (admiring) your low body fat, and how you measured it?

I do about 50% carbs, 25% fat, 25% protein. Most of my carbs come from Oatmeal, quinoa and legumes. All tend to be on the low GI side of the scale.

My weight/body fat % were the same prior to starting Rapamycin. For @MAC, here’s my triglyceride number.


@RapAdmin Thanks for providing me with links to other medications that could counter balance the effect but I believe I’m in pretty good health overall (and young). I’m not so sure about starting another plan with a new medication to counteract…

Thanks for your feedback guys!

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you mentioned “DEXA”. I thought you were referring to a bone density scan. Sorry for misinterpreting. English’s my second language.

I did a scan at college a few years ago (with a scale) and the measurement back then was 10%. I’m significatively leaner (and lighter) now.

Your TG/HDL is 0.66…phenomenal. NO CVD risk issues that I can tell on your rapamycin protocol so far.

For reference, this is what 16% to 5.5% looks like.

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I’m closer to week 12 than week 8. But hey, I’m not 50 ;). I started IF a year ago and it did improve my body fat by a lot.

As far as the TG/HDL ratio is concerned, take into account that the results are in mmol/L and not mg/dL (American measures).


I converted your units to mg/dL before I calculated TG/HDL.

Are you dissing us 50+ cohorts…is that a body fat challenge?!

Like golf, I need a handicap to make this even…1% for every decade, so 2.5% for 25 yr age gap.

So if I get to 10.5% and you’re 8%, we’re biometrically even? LOL


ahahaha nice try :wink:

Here’s my supplements lists (Daily);

Health wise
Vitamin C
Vitamin D
Multivitamin (a day out of three)

Sports related
Creatine Monohydrate
Beta alanine
Ands NMN does improve performance lol. More stamina with it than without. Wonder if it’s going to be tested in the coming future!

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Absolutely - I understand. Its just that a study was recently completed that showed rapamycin + acarbose has had the best longevity results ever tested in the National Institutes on Aging ITP program, with a 29% lifespan improvement when initiated in younger mice.

Not medical advice, just my personal non-expert opinion.
You are almost exactly the same size and weight as I am. ~6’2", 174lbs, BMI ~ 22. Fortunately for you, you are much younger than my 81 yrs.
I also do intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting normally raises morning glucose blood levels.

I am a follower of Dr. B. and I follow the high dosage protocol. But, I don’t think it is the right protocol for young people. Old people need very high doses because we are in fact “old” and haven’t been taking rapamycin for a long time and need to catch up. For that, we need the highest safe doses possible.
Younger people on the other hand will be taking for decades to come and I think lower sustained dosage regimens are more appropriate and safer until we find out more about long-term supplementation with rapamycin. I think your 5mg weekly dose is quite appropriate and I wouldn’t change it.


You guys are all keen on expensive placebos eh?! Just listen to MKs exasperated reaction when Ferris mentions resveratrol. Then later in reference to David Sinclair, ‘Look man, I would stop. This is done…’.

How do you quantify ‘more stamina’? I monitor my endurance metrics very closely and NMN made zero difference to FTP or VO2… and current literature (when you drill down) supports that.

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Agreed. Been on NMN and Resveratrol for a year, first 2 weeks I got the placebo effect after that nothing much. Feel no difference one week with or one week without, so stopped taking it. There are better supplements out there that works.


And, to my point on the other thread, how can you tease out the effects of one intervention when you’ve also introduced two or three others? It’s just bad science.

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At your age I was 6’1 and 150 lbs. Exercised regularly. My HbA1C was always 5.7 to 5.9. Never became diabetic and CAC of zero.
I would keep your rapa dose at 5 mg at your age.

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I’ve taken metformin in the past (for about 6 months) without having any serious side effects. For anti-aging purpose. No reason in particular for discontinuing other than having to resort to indian online pharmacies… I could try starting it back and it’d probably lower my HBA1C.

What’s the general consensus on this forum regarding Metformin? Why recommend Acarbose over it? Any interesting literature I should read? As you can probably guess by my supplements/drugs regimen, I’m a David Sincair advocate.


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