Kachela Sirolimus Seized by Customs Again: Help!

I have been using Kachela for almost two years to order my sirolimus, acarbose and Jardiance with no problems. However, the last two shipments have been seized by JFK NY Customs and Anil is silent so I’m done with them. If any of you have experience with this problem, I’m wondering if Customs perhaps targets packages by addressee or shipper or have I just been extremely unlucky lately. I’m also looking for an alternative to Kachela which had both good prices and service. Thanks for your recommendations and advice.


Never lost a shipment from Jagdish Nikose, though his prices are a little higher than Kachela. I don’t know how much you are ordering at a time, but I would keep my packages on the small side. Mine are typically 4x5x8 inches. Why? Because the FDA does not generally allow the importation of any medicines, though there are exceptions. If allowed, it is a 90-day supply. Hence a larger package would be suspicious of violating this rule. Customs probably has a rule of thumb regarding packages from India and other countries. This is pure speculation on my part but it is the guideline I use.

From the FDA website: “The FDA will allow foreign nationals to bring or ship a 90-day supply of drug products. If the foreign national is staying longer than 90 days, they may have additional medication sent to them.”


Sorry to hear it. Not sure if you saw the other thread and recent posts - there seems to have been a period of a minor crackdown at JFK Customs on Indian medications - see these posts: Importing Rapamycin to Save Money (2) - #48 by RapAdmin

I’ve seen no news or posts from anyone that knows anything about how imported packages are identified / targeted - so all you can do is try different approaches. (smaller packages, different vendors, different addresses) that people have suggested.

As far as what vendor to go to next - I typically get quotes from half a dozen or more vendors and play them off one another to get the best possible price. The products I ultimately get have all been fine, so I really don’t care about the vendor as long as its low price and I get the product. See our list of vendors and the long discussion where people recommend other vendors, etc. in this thread: Buy Rapamycin Online - List of Reliable Pharmacies


Thank you. Will email him…

Thanks Admin. Appreciate the quick response.

BTW, there’s something perverse about a situation where drug addicts are allowed to shoot up on the streets in some areas while we simultaneously seize anti-aging drugs. What a country… :flushed:


And of course, the situation of virtually all western countries blocking (or heavily disincentivizing) longevity drug imports to “protect” us from harm and keep us healthy, also seems pretty ironic.

But - I also realize that some of the drugs may not be up to western quality standards (which is a problem no matter how you slice it), and of course longevity drugs are not “proven” in any long term clinical trials, and perhaps you don’t want a complete free-for-all drug importation policy from any third world country…

Maybe the current situation is a reasonable compromise. Its hard to do, but not impossible. If you really do your research, know what you’re buying, and can jump over the hoops to get them, anyone can probably get access to these medications at a reasonable price. And, most people won’t do that. And thats ok given where the research is right now.



The “We$tern Quality $tandard”!


But they primarily block completely non-controversial proven drugs used for standard treatment of disease the importation of which far outstrips longevity usage.

Anil replaced the shipment of mine that was seized.

He doesnt know unless you tell him. Have you asked him to replace it?

He asked me to send him a copy of the seizure letter which I did. He has not responded since.

PS: After a previous seizure he told me he would reship after Customs returned the shipment to him. I have no reason to believe that their policy is to return shipments to the sender. Regardless, he never reshipped.

I agree that Customs would not be expected to return the shipment to him.

I just texted him and he seems eager to make things right. Maybe give him another chance to do the right thing.


Thank you! I just heard back and he has agreed to reship if I pay the shipping charge which I think is fair. Appreciate your assistance on this!


HOW WAS the item shipped regular mail or what

It was shipped via EMS

i think that is part of us postal system? i wonder if anyone has gotten things seized shipped by fed ex or ups . yea they are very expensive but if one has an otherwise very expensive order then maybe. I have done it by fed ex from china several times and only once was it questioned but was able to take care of it with no big problem and received the order only a little later than normal. The place from which I order knows to claim the contents as something very benign other than what it really is. Is the same place going to try and send to u again?

Fedex and UPS require a prescription for the shipment of medications to the USA (and probably most other developed countries).

they never have for me. they send me plenty of things and they use fed ex and prescription has nothing to do with anything. Any place should send it in discrete packaging and not divulge exactly what is in it. Certainly not say it is some medication even if it is.

As a longevity Medicine physician, I have performed serum levels on a patient comparing compounded sirolimus from a US pharmacy vs generic enteric coated sirolimus at 24 hours post ingestion and found a 300% higher level with the enteric coated product. Since then I have switched all new prescriptions to the enteric coated product using GoodRx to shop for the best price (extremely variable) due to much better bioavailability. ( or you could triple the dose of the nonenteric coated product assuming equal quality of the compound which is another issue as well)

The above are comments on my professional experience on the subject and is not to be interpreted as medical advice per se.