Kachela Sirolimus Seized by Customs Again: Help!

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Yes - we’ve heard of this issue with compounded sirolimus from many sources over the past few years:

Here: New Peter Attia interview w/Matt Kaeberlein, inferior bioavailability of encapsulated rapa

Here: Bioavailability of Rapamycin From Compounding Pharmacy

And there is an additional problem with Dan’s suggestion with the China-supplier of powder option; the Chinese suppliers are famously unreliable for quality of product, so you are likely to get something contaminated and/or not of high purity or quality. The HPLC testing by a good analytical lab costs far more (frequently between $500 to $1,000 and even then its hard to know what impurities to look for if you don’t know the details of the manufacturing process and inputs).

So yes, for 99.9% of the people who visit here, regular tablets from proven sources is the best option.

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I just received a shipment from Anil in record time, though the customs for the West Coast may be different. I usually try for very small shipments and don’t order more than one thing at a time. The issue, I believe, is not drug quality, since many drugs sold in the US originate in India and China, but huge pressure from pharma companies to block low price competition. All you have to do is read up on how they prevent generic versions by various dubious legal manuevers to see this pressure at work.


I just sent 800 pills to my parents from India (Jagdish) by EMS and it made it through US customs and to my parents. I now have a 1200 pill delivery on it’s way. We shall see if that gets through!


My small order from Jagdish has been in NY customs since the start of the month.

It’s still Early, things frequently take a number of weeks to work their way through customs.