Interesting article on GlyNAC

Interesting article on GlyNAC. Link to full study at end of article:


…“participants at doses of 100 mg/kg/d each of glycine and NAC,”…

Dose is different than the previous paper.

Dose: Glycine .1 grams/kilo
NAC .13 grams/kilo


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I recently stumbled upon this article. Supplementing with NAC :face_vomiting:might actually not be necessary if you eat enough animal products :yum:


Mike Lustgarten released a video on this topic and discussed this and other papers by Sekhar, the lead investigator at Baylor.


From the video above and from the other research from Baylor (and ITP on Glycine), it seems that GLYNAC may be as important as Rapamycin for longevity. Why not do both? Glycine and NAC are quite cheap and easy to get too…


NAC is :face_vomiting: and high high quality animal protein intake :yum: maybe sufficient for restoring glutathione

(a heaped teaspoon of NAC in a glass of water is also very acidic with a pH of 2 or lower)

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I take both, Rapa weekly and 1200mg NAC + 1mg TMG and 2mg Glycine before dinner. Low dose compared to mentioned paper, but NAC works great for me, very calming

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Do you mean 2 g of glycine? 2 mg is nothing… Also TMG?

I take 2g of Glycine and 1.6g of NAC twice a day for a total of 4 g and 3.2 g.

My parents take 6 g of each daily.

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Yes, NAC tastes terrible. So I take it in capsule and pill form. It doesn’t taste bad that way.

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Sorry, yes, 1g TMG and 2g Glycine

I´d love to take NAC in the morning too, but afraid it blunts exercise benefits.

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I bought glycine powder and NAC a month ago, and started taking glynac. But I remembered some article about NAC and tumors initiation and after a week, only am taking glycine.The article is below:

Derek Lowe is a drug development researcher. That may turn off some people, because he works for Big Pharma. But the article below about Covid, hyrdoxychloroquine, and drug development is what gave him cred to me.

It is an enlightening article about research and clinical trials.


Yeah,I’m not certain about NAC. It’s very possible to raise glutathione levels with sulforaphane, selenium, and 500 mg’s vitamin c. They all have studies behind them. I’d rather do that in combination with glycine. Don’t like anything that can initiate tumors.

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It’s expensive, but glyteine (gamma-glutamylcysteine) may be an alternative to NAC for boosting glutathione.

There’s also NACET, a derivative of NAC which boosts glutathione much more efficiently per preliminary studies. So only a small fraction of the NAC dose may be needed. It is sold as a supplement, but at this point not much research has been published.


Hmmm… That study that says NAC protects cells from becoming senescent, but then those senescent cells stop cancer from forming.

Here’s the original journal article

The antioxidant N-acetylcysteine protects from lung emphysema but induces lung adenocarcinoma in mice - PMC.

It’s also interesting to note that the studies on antioxidant supplements generally say they do not prevent or cause cancer (some exceptions)

The one scary one was the beta carotene supplement study that increased cancer rate and all cause mortality!

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NACET is very interesting. It’s bioavailability appears to be 10x higher than NAC in addition to other benefits such as being able to cross the BBB. However if the problem is that NAC is too good at preventing senescence thereby inducing lung cancer, will NACET be any better? Surprisingly it did not induce other cancers. Why just the lungs? Could it be the mucolytic effect coupled with lower senescence…

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Good find!

NACET is available from Amazon.

I am always surprised at the valuable information forum members come up with.

This appears to be a great substitute for NAC.

“NACET is by far the most efficient molecule in increasing the intracellular levels of GSH.”

It would be nice if anyone has full access to this article to post it or at least some of the figures.

“Compared to NAC, NACET has highly improved pharmacological properties. NACET has the potential to substitute pharmacological NAC not only as a mucolytic agent, but also as an antioxidant, a supplier of GSH, a paracetamol antidote, and not least a donor of the gasotransmitter H2S [32], and a protector against UV radiation”


N-acetylcysteine ethyl ester as GSH enhancer in human primary endothelial cells: A comparative study with other drugs

Paper behind paywall.

Attached is a PDF copy.

GALVAGNI-N-Acetylcysteine-PostPrint.pdf (1.3 MB)


I’ve been thinking long and hard about that 10% risk of lung cancer associated with NAC. Seems to be too much like Russian roulette. I and my family will continue with Glycine but forgo NAC. Hopefully we can find something better with less risky side effects.

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Here’s some alternative ways to increase glutathione levels.

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