If you could only take 10 supplements a day, what would they be?

What does UA stand for ??

I assume Urolithin A. (alternatively Ukraine?)


stands for Urolithin A …

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which supplement did he stop?

What do people think about Brad Stanfield’s multivitamin? MicroVitamin: A Low-Dose MultiVitamin & Mineral – Dr Brad Stanfield


It’s decent and covers most of the bases. I’d take it over a general multi you find at a supermarket.

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I take 9.75 grams of sodium bicarbonate per day. Does wonders for the kidneys, eliminates a killer, acidosis.

I concede that it may be possible.

I think I’m going to take a multivitamin (Centrum Silver 50+ men) to cover the bases I am not already covering and so I can stop taking vitamin K, iodine, zinc, and B vitamins as separate supplements. That’ll be a big cost saving. It’ll also cover things I am currently not supplementing like lycopene, potassium, Mo, Manganese, etc…

And it’s cheap as chips at $0.09 a day. It’s a no-brainer for health, cost (and space) savings.


Back to physiochem class for you.

What is the reason why you do not recommend vitamin E? Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that prevents lipid oxidation in the cell.

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A multivitamin is a good idea for multiple reasons:

  • Ease-of-use, combine supplements like zinc and iodine to one supplement.
  • Get vitamins you might not otherwise get in diet, isn’t necessary to track and eat perfectly.
  • Lower cost because of first point.
  • Shown benefits in trials, but would be good either way.
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Whoa…you just made @SNK sound a lot more intelligent…how’d you do that?

But, seriously, on the subject of Vitamin E, see this post for all the reasons that Vitamin E supplements are not recommended for people that are healthy.



For some reason that quote is in Turkish for me, until I expand the quote.

If you don’t get enough vitamin E you get a deficiency. Food and supplements are the same, so you can get it from a multi or food. I don’t want pay attention to what I eat like a hawk so a multi works for me.