If you could only take 10 supplements a day, what would they be?

Thanks @Rapa1 I like your list.
As a person who has always dealt with gut issues I am looking to tweak mine as well.
I take NAG for gut health and take most of the others.
Do you find numbers 6 and 9 are helpful for you in this regard above? Or even number 3?
Please elaborate if possible as I will definitely buy some and try it.

Thank you! NAG has been an excellent addition to my stack since a couple of years back, since I cannot have most FODMAPS or traditional prebiotic fibers. I would say Pomegranate extract (Pomella specifically) has been probably the best addition as it has measurably increased my akkermansia.

To answer your questions, no, Boron seems to just increase the amount of magnesium I am able to absorb, and seems to increase testosterone. I don’t “feel” that one much.

Palmitoylethanolamide definately helps my gut. It is a mass cell stabilizer and increases the activity of endogenous endocannabinoids, which tend to help the GI tract. I use it since I seem to get side effects from CBD.

I get my palmitoylethanolamide from Nootropics Depot.

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200-333ml of olive is an awful lot. But it’s interesting to look at the “original” med diet they analyzed (in the 60s in Crete think) rather than the one they decided to research which was largely made up. From memory it averaged about 100ml of olive oil.

yeah up to 100ml I could understand but anything over is too much. I heard this doc once say that “food is merely a vehicle to supply olive oil to our body” lol, that’s how much he believes in olive oil. I’m all for it but don’t exaggerate though, especially if you are a doctor.

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Butyrate is an HDAC inhibitor in the 90 micro molar range hence weaker than things like pterostilbene, but it may ne more bioavailable.

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I appreciate the recommendation. I have taken both calcium/magnesium butyrate and also tributyrin before, but I seem to feel them wear off similar to GABAergics. Its not particularly pleasant and since butyrate has a pretty short half life, I experience it often. It does help the GI tract though.

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Accidentally edited over my post you replied to but that’s interesting. By GABAergics do you mean it’s similar to a BZD withdrawal or alcohol hangover?

What brand and dose of tributyrin did you take? And, before you deleted your post what exactly did you say it did for you?

Yes, similar to alcohol or BZD withdrawal. I don’t do well with either one historically either, so I am sure it is related to that.

I credit it with drastically improving a severe case of gastritis I’d been dealing with for 3 years. Like severe to the point I had seen multiple gastroenterologists, tons of testing, diets, prescriptions, supplements, etc.

I’ve been taking the brand Healthy Gut for about a year now. It’s on the more expensive side though, and I think there’s cheaper brands out there. I take 500mg in the morning, although some days I’ll take another 500mg in the evening.

Yes, similar to alcohol or BZD withdrawal. I don’t do well with either one historically either, so I am sure it is related to that.

That sucks. I haven’t noticed anything like that, but that would definitely be a deal-breaker for me too.

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@jnorm @Rapa1 @John_Hemming

As discussed I other posts, Blueprint just updated this week and one of the additions seems to be the below butyrate product. What was your experience with the ones that you used? Any thoughts on this one?

  • Revolutionary Digestive Health Supplement: ProButyrate is formulated with Butyric Acid in a sustained-release format, unlike other supplements that use Butyric salts, such as Sodium Butyrate. This palatable butyric acid supplement helps promote a healthy gut

  • Maximum Absorption for Gut Health Support: Butyric acid is a short-chain fatty acid that supports the health of the gastrointestinal tract. Insufficient natural production of this important fatty acid often leads to unpleasant adverse digestive conditions

  • Unrivalled Delivery: Tesseract’s proprietary nano-molecular delivery science results in optimal absorption and bioavailability at micro-doses. A ground-breaking transport and time-release system that enables you to receive the full health benefits from your dietary supplements


I cannot say anything specific about butyrate.

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@Neo I haven’t tried that one. My stomach is very sensitive to anything acidic, which is one reason I went with tributyrin vs butyric acid. Tributyrin shouldn’t release butyric acid until it reaches the intestine, so it should be easier on my stomach.

I’ve been using Healthy Gut brand tributyrin for awhile now but it’s pretty expensive. I may switch to a cheaper brand in the future.

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Im usually pretty leery of proprietary blends, especially when they are nebulous about what makes them special. Most are overpriced and may underdose bioactives. I used the Healus brand when I took it:

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