How Old are David Sinclair and Others, Biologically? My Study

Hello, fellow enthusiasts of longevity and rejuvenation! I’m excited to present my most recent research that’s bound to intrigue you.

I’ve utilized age-detection software to analyze photographs of several notable figures throughout the years. The outcomes of this analysis provide fascinating insights into their anti-aging methodologies. This includes luminaries like David Sinclair, whose impressive age-defying techniques seem to have put a halt on his chronological march, and Sara Gottfried, whose holistic approach has kept her looking perpetually youthful.

However, the spotlight certainly belongs to Sadhguru, an advocate for comprehensive wellness. At 66, he amazingly mirrors the appearance of a 28-year-old. Isn’t that astonishing?

You can find all the images that have been utilized for my study, as well as the results of their analysis, on my blog. I’ve dissected the photographs of 10 distinct personalities: Examining Notable Personalities with Age-Detecting Software for Their Anti-Aging Secrets

If you have any suggestions for other notable figures (perhaps scientists or celebrities) whose photos would make for interesting further analysis, I’d love to hear them!



Great idea. Microsoft used to have an online site were you could upload a photo and it would use AI to estimate the age of the person. Microsoft's Age Guesser Website Is Loads of Fun.

I’m not too familiar with

Have you researched it, and has it been evaluated by independent third parties?


I just googled Sara Gottfried, she probably uses filters on at least some of her pics.

And besides filters plastic surgery, botox, makeup and hair dye could all make people look younger without actually making them physiologically younger


Depending on the pics I get results ranging from 34-40

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I think’s it makes everyone just look undefined age between 50 and 70… not a good look IMO. Maybe if you are 80 :sweat_smile:

But from my experience what makes people young is not looks and health per se, but some sort of inner energy, hard to define; curiosity, playfulness… some good posture doesn’t hurt.


Hi, yes, I have tried Toolpie on many of my acquaintances, and it showed quite accurate results. Thank you very much for the Microsoft link! I will definitely try this service on the screenshots I received and add it to the article.

update: - does it work for you? “Server not found”

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Wow, I look a fantastic 74 (actual age 82). Well, folks, I guess I started too late. :joy:


No - sadly microsoft killed it last year.

80 years old, one pic said 59, another pic taken about six months later said 62. Aged three years in 3 months. :roll_eyes:


Of course, the results vary by a few percent from one shot to another. That’s perfectly normal. It’s also important that the position of the face is the same - directly in front of the camera.

Overall, you have an excellent result!!! Can you share how you achieved this?

Hi, I made a conscious effort to use sun screen when out side for
any reason around 50 years of age. I had a cousin who had all
kinds of skin cancers starting around his 50 year. I decided I was
not going through what he went through if I could do anything to prevent having the same problems he did. I knew he did a lot if offshore fishing and he admitted one day he just never thought of
the long term problems. When I reveal my age the usual reaction is “no way if I had to guess I would say early 60’s”


I did it from a picture taken last August at age 52 before before becoming interested in longevity and starting rapamycin. It estimated 42. Hopefully I can improve on that number.


How about other yogis? How about practitioners of other Eastern physical arts, like Shaolin or Qigong like this guy?

Don’t know how old he is chronologically, though.

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Maybe I should grow a beard? I told my daughters about the results and they said “Dad you don’t look that old.” That’s all that counts. :smile:


Sunscreen really is the magic skin potion


I don’t religiously wear sunscreen, but I just had a early SCC removed from my forehead and it was a direct consequence of not using sunscreen only one single time. I went skiing in spring, forgot sunscreen, thought how bad can it get, was rally badly sunburnt and some 15 years later a scab that did not go away developed into SCC.

I concur this! Ladies and gentlemen, wear sunscreen!



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One very non scientific longevity/ biohacking guru that I’m consistently amazed how old he looks is Dave Asprey. He looks much older than his actual age in my opinion.


I use a variety of testing platforms, Bioviva (no longer doing tests), Trudiagnostic, Muhdo, Gycanage and a few others.

My chrono age is 67, my face age is 51. My wife is 66 and her face age is 45. From the other tests we do, this face “age” is not indicative of overall biological age. We are “younger” in all the other tests but not by 21 years :slight_smile:

Muhdo has a face and skin age section on their app. The basic face age is free, the more advanced analysis requires a paid sub.


Sinclair’s like a bro instagram influencer basically trading on his own image. I reckon he must spend a fortune on skin care products :joy: