How long are you OFF rapamycin?

ok i know that no one really knows what’s up with rapamycin and how it should be taken.

But there’s a pretty big consensus of weekly. I think just from the rat study, eh? Was there any reason other than “mimic the rat study” ?

but if it’s true that rapamycin is one of the strongest signals to a cell that tells everyone IN that cell that “hey!! we’re goin catabolic now!!”

and if it’s true that one of the resulting things that happens is that the immune system goes on vacation for a while and regroups once the catabolic “state” has passed…

Well doesn’t logic clearly dictate that we might wanna give it a significantly longer break than rapa ON for 2-3 days, rapa OFF only for 4-5 day? Should we really be goin catabolic so frequently do you guess?

I’d think (in other words TOTALLY GUESS) that we’d wanna have significantly longer bouts of “ooookay we’re back to anabolic so let’s rebuild and get back to it”.

I’d think giving that rebuild phase a good solid 2 weeks at leeeeast before goin catabolic again would prooooobably be a good idea. I’m no expert of course. Just tryna think it thru with logic.

Also Joan Mannic (sorry i probably butchered her name but she did the famous study of rapa) when interviewed mentioned lung inflamation - that’s a side effect i HAD put on post covid but i’m pretty sure it’s cuz rapa now. it’s nothing terrible, but makes me think. i don’t get the mouth sores and everything else about rapa is GREAT.

So what do ya think about this weekly thing ? I’m def settling into a 3 week cycle and like it. And iiiiis rapa the pure signal of catabolic/anabolic do you think? If so it should logically blow away the results of a fast. Just thinkin…

Good questions… we’ve touched on these issues in other threads. I recommend you review this thread to start, it is a deep discussion on the science of dosing schedules and rapamycin: Rapamycin Cycling (Time Off) - Who Is Right?

oh yeah i’ve read that thread. they’re sayin’ primarily don’t take so much you activate mtorc2 and measure.

I’m not sure I’ve seen any reason for the weekly period, though. If there’s no reason for weekly, logic dictates that there’s no reason against monthly :slight_smile:

I think iiiiiiii have noticed a diff between monthly and weekly, but it’s not a big one.

but the consensus round here seems to be most of us take it weekly.

but, again, why heheh :slight_smile:

I’m in the middle of an off period now. I’m thinking my new schedule will be “on” for approximately 3 - 4 months and “off” for 2 months. My goal is to modulate mTor1 to a more healthy place over the long term. And I definitely want mTor1 going 100% for a decent stretch before I dial it down by going back “on.” But it’s all an experiment, so we’ll just have to see how it works out.

but “on” is still 2-3 days catabolic, 4-5 days anabolic in quick succession for 3-4 months.

then 2 months total anabolic.

i mean if i were a cell, i’d be screamin “what are you DOIN up there ???”

i know cells don’t have brains for consciousness. etc. but they DEF compute. they have inputs, put it through complex machinery, and produce output - they think things through and make things work. And if somethin that radical is goin on they typically crank it down to a managable level. If I were a cell I’d be thinkin “alright, somebody has crossed my signals. I am def not switchin between catabolic and anabolic that fast. but if my signals are freaking out, that means I’m running blind. should i run blind or should i really follow these signals???”

I kinda think I shouldn’t be makin’ my cells (theeeeoretically) freak out like that. heheh.

I think weekly dosing is, as you’ve suggested, largely because of the “successful” Mannick trial that duplicated the earlier mouse study, on improving immune system response on a weekly dosing. (Note, they did in the same study also have a daily dosing at .5mg of everolimus) - see attachment for full study data.

Weekly dosing is also easy to remember and implement by people (every Monday, for example), but even thats not a very strong argument because its easy now to just set an automatic reminder on your calendar for every 8, 9, 10 or any other number of days for dosing.

Here is a long discussion regarding dosing, started by a person who had decided to try daily dosing: Trying a daily Rapamycin Dose Change

a related discussion: What exactly is the strong argument against daily dosing for rapamycin?

and: Daily Rapamycin Microdosing?

mannick2014Everolimus.pdf (354.2 KB)


This is the first time I’ve read this paper. I did not know that rapamycin had a demonstrated ability to boost the immune function in the elderly, which is reason enough for geezers like me to continue with the regimen. It may not add months or years to my life expectancy, but I’m very happy to learn that I may have some extra protection against the flu and covid.