Has anyone used inhousepharmacy.vu? Is it credible?

so I pay to the US… and it’s a tuvalu domain…?

Conflicting info, but sounds generally good from one user here:

So if you read the detailed info on ScamAdvisor, they only give a score based on the probability that the web site is completely fake. Their score has nothing to do with whether or not the retailer sells fake products or scams you with “your drug is held up, give us the ransom if you still want it” type demands.

It’s absolutely a real site – like I said, I’ve been ordering from them for years. The canagliflozin and more recently the Jardiance I’ve bought from them must be legit because according to my test strips I’ve got quite a bit of glucose in my urine after a high carb meal.:grin:

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I’m a little confused by the NABP link. It says InHouse is not on their Approved list, but won’t say why. Are any of the Indian pharmacies approved by NABP, or do they generally just approve pharmacies in the US that they can verify (so basically any foreign internet pharmacy isn’t going to make the cut)?

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to dean, The

Dean, Paul, et al.,

I take Glucobay (acarbose –http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Acarbose) before
every meal. It’s designed to interfere with absorption of sugars. It’s a
pharmaceutical in the diabetic armamentarium. I haven’t tracked its efficacy
with a glucometer. You might consider experimenting with it. It’s available
w/o prescription from inhousepharmacy.biz.


seems popular among transgender individuals: "inhousepharmacy" site:reddit.com - Google Search

Alex - did you see that I listed all the online pharmacy sites that people have used successfully here on the import page?

Yeah but lists nothing for Canagliflozin

Oh - most of these online pharmacies carry many drugs - including acarbose, sirolimus and canagliflozin - but it will vary as they don’t always have inventory. Just email them and ask for a quote and availability/delivery timeline…

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I’ve simplified it and pulled all the online pharmacies people have had success with to their own page:


Yes, Inhouse Pharmacy is totally credible.


Too much expensive $5.95 per tablet. I think they get it from source for 3usd per tablet. Almost 100 % profit.

i guess its expensive because Rapamune is made of sirolimus nano-particle.

You never know on the prices… you can look at vendors on Indiamart and see a 3X variation on pricing for exactly the same product. Its very much a buyer beware type of market. Do your research. Don’t assume…

I have bought from them multiple times, and always got what i ordered. keep in mind that it can take a month for your order to arrive to the USA

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I’ve used in-house pharmacy VU they are a legitimate online pharmacy that can get pfizer rapamune 1 mg tablets from turkey. I ordered 200 tablets for just under $950 to me the premium price was worth it because of the brand Pfizer.