Has anyone used HealingPharma's hibose acarbose with a CGM? Does it prevent blood glucose spikeslike other acarbose?

Just wondering. There aren’t many ref checks on the Internet…

I’m just starting to play with a G7.

Here’s Hibose at a 100mg dose before three meals. Don’t recall why the last one got loose, Also, I eat snacks during the day.

Hibose 50mg before meals. (Disregard the weirdness before 8am.)

For comparision, pretty sure last spike here is when no Hibose was consumed.

It looks to me like 100mg results in the most subdued values. (Fortunately, I am the only one around to be offended by the byproducts.)

I assume the broad plateaus after an increase are attributable to the acarbose spreading out glucose absorption.

Note: The absolute values are too low, per fingerstick check. I presume amplitudes and trends are valid.

Lastly, here’s today, so far, with 100mg before two meals.

First, higher spike, is when I ate a banana a couple minutes before the acarb. Followed by oatmeal, blueberries, yoghurt, and a Luna bar. Second spike is white rice, vegs, roast beef, followed by a Luna bar. I expected the rice to be more potent. But veg and protein subdued?. The last rise is a Luna bar just by itself, three hours after any acarb. I am surprised by the flat top. Acarb still having an effect three hours after ingestion? Will track with no acarb input tomorrow.


Just ate 2 loaves of panera bread (360 calories) with 500mg hibose acarbose. This will determine for good whether or not hibose works (tho BG is also increasing from a low of the 50s - it was in the 50s throughout my downtown boston chiro)

Preliminarily I think it does (and it looks like kidney bean extract does not work)

56=>82 in 1.5 hrs, I think this is evidence that it works (homeostatically, such an increase would not be good/acted against if the baseline was 90, so I would have to retest on higher glucose)

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Are you normally in your 50s glucose reading wise (while awake)? What CGM model, is it calibrated?

Freestyle libre 2

This is lower than I usually get

IDK if calibrated, my hemoglobin a1c is always 4.9 no matter what

I’m getting a new cgm I can maybe cross check with this

You should do a finger prick test in the morning (pre-meal) and compare to the Freestyle numbers you are getting. I get a large variation between the two, typically with the Freestyle being 15 to 20 points higher than the fingerpick. More here: How consistent are Continuous Glucose Monitors - New Study

yeah I should, but I hate fingerpricks a lot, and regular glucose monitors cost $$

It didn’t prevent a 96 to 122 spike from 1 lb of green peas

Or root veggies from 102 to at least 117

Or now, I did garbanzo beans after hibose (spike not prevented), THEN I did the glycophage acarbose then garbanzo beans which totally prevented it

Hibose never increase gas, acarbose does

What dose of acarbose do you typically the take?

Like 150 to 250 is hibose

I fucking suck for using cheap af kachchela for a year, fuck me