GDF11 as a friend or an enemy in the cancer biology?



The ones on the right are far nastier than the ones on the left, IMHO.


Agreed - I believe that the fatality rate for the right side cancers is much higher than the left side ones. But still… concerning. I still think the GDF11 data is very mixed. Another long thread on GDF11: GDF11, Elevian News Story - NYTimes

Just as an aside, I was chatting by email with Leonid Peshkin last week and GDF11 came up in the discussion. His opinion was:

another big fraud in the field.
GDF11 has been refuted by good papers from David Glass … it does not go down with age …
and something going down or up with age (there is no good data on that - it is hard to measure ) does not at all mean that supplementing and clearing these respectively will have an effect … feedbacks in the body , homeostasis …

Leon also is not very bullish on rapamycin, saying… its very similar to caloric restriction

I work with it myself … it has a tiny effect and noone understands the molecular mechanism well, likely it just does the same as calorie restriction - slows down protein synthesis …

He is more bullish on TPE/Plasmapheresis.