For Those Who Take Indian Generic Rapamycin, Which do you take?

I know because I get the Rapamycin side effects like canker sores, rashes, acne and bacterial infections. Before I took Zydus, I did not have these problems.

If it was a sugar pill this wouldn’t happen.

Also someone did a chemical analysis of Zydus and Rapacon and they were authentic.

Also, this is a vital medication for transplant receivers. If there was no Rapamycin in the pills, people would die and the government would shut the companies down.

Siroboon: Rapamycin / Sirolimus from India, Lab Test Report on Quality / Purity - #29 by ReynoldsCC

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Although it has been established that ROS plays an important role in the development of type 2 diabetes, [4] what this study does not explain is why there is no titanium dioxide found in non-diabetic pancreas.

It is inconceivable that the non-diabetic patients were somehow able to escape complete exposure to titanium dioxide. Yet their pancreas show absolutely zero sign of titanium dioxide contamination. Why does titanium dioxide accumulate in diabetic pancreas and not in non-diabetic pancreas?

Some of my readers, as a response to this article, have commented that although they have been tested positive for the presence of titanium dioxide, the compound is not detected in their pancreas. Coincidentally, the readers are also non-diabetic.

One of the hallmarks of diabetes is the imbalance between NADH and NAD+. NADH is overproduced during the influx of elevated blood glucose to the glycolytic and Krebs cycle pathways and activation of the polyol pathway; while NAD+ is depleted by overactivation of poly ADP ribose polymerase that uses NAD+ as its substrate. The consequence of NADH/ NAD+ ratio imbalance is initially reductive stress that eventually leads to oxidative stress and oxidative damages to DNA, lipids, and proteins. NADH is a reducing agent. Overaccumulation of NADH results in severe reductive stress. Is it possible that the pancreas accumulate titanium dioxide, an extremely potent oxidizing agent, in an attempt to regain redox homeostasis? Except in this case, titanium dioxide happens to be a trojan horse.

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I have Zydus - Siromus. I have not had it tested, but it did seem to have an effect on sleep. I will take my second dose soonish (probably this year).

Zydus. I’ve been taking Rapamycin for three months now.

Rapacan (Sirolimus 1mg) tablets by Biocon (US FDA approved company) costing
175 USD for 200 tablets and
350 USD for 500 tablets.
Price includes shipping charges.
My contact Girish Bhattad, Forveda Online Private Limited

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I’ve ordered from Girish as well… twice now; once for Biocon, once for Zydus. Both times received what I ordered quickly and without any problem.

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How did you pay? or wire transfer? using my bank CC the first time and my DC the second, just because using the DC was cheaper.

I was a bit reluctant to use CC of Dc. With your experience I will use next time.
Have you purchased any other meds from them?

Nope, I’ve only purchased rapa. From what I’ve read wise is very secure.