Experiences starting Rapamycin for first time

60 hours would make the math easier.

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Why is that data more meaningful in your opinion? How would you structure a sirolimus blood test? In September when I return from my summer holidays I was wanting to do a a blood test with few variables. Maybe a dose I am taking (5mg) with water, same dose with Itraconazole or Ritonavir and same dose with GFJ… I wanted to test peak (90 minutes after taking rapamycin) and trough values week later. But you seem to think this is not the best measurement?

It’s because you can’t catch the peak with any certainty. If you try to catch the peak by measuring at 90 minutes after taking rapamycin, you might be off by a lot. Your personal peak might be at 60, or even 120 or 180 minutes, depending on a lot of unknown factors like your stomach emptying rate. Rapamycin levels in the blood go up and down very quickly in the first several hours after dosing and you have no way of knowing how many minutes it takes for you exactly to reach peak levels. However, after 24 hours levels will have stabilized a lot more and then most of the quick up and down will be over and instead the level is declining steadily with a steady half-life. If you take x mg of rapamycin and measure your blood level after 24 hours or 48 hours and do the same a week later, you will get very similar blood values, because the levels are stable enough to be reliable. This also allows for easy comparison to the blood value of other people or between your values with or without GFJ

I suggest testing your rapamycin at 48 hours after dosing. If you do that twice, with or without GFJ or the drugs you mentioned, you will get a very good estimate of how much increase in bioavailability the GFJ or drugs will give you. I also recommend testing your level at 96 hours after dosing because then you will be able to calculate your rapamycin half-life. If you got the values at 48 and 96 hours you don’t really need to have the through value measured because you would be able to calculate the through value with decent enough accuracy using the 48 and 96 hour values.


Good points. Am going to focus on measuring the trough instead which is perhaps more relevant, and likely easier to measure reliably.


Thank you @Olafurpall for that! It makes really more sense.

Good luck guys, and please share your blood values here for reference.


Got trough measurement at 14 days.

Peak 3 hrs after taking 20mg Sirolimus was 34ng/mL (34ug/L).
Trough 14 days later was 1.1ng/mL (1.1ug/L).

I had been aiming for just under 1.1ng - so this is pretty close. Means I did end up with a half-life of about 70hrs.

This suggest that if I took 10mg weekly my trough would only be 3.4ng, not much below the 5ng threshold considered (I believe) to be ‘active’ for immune system suppression.

This does seem to me to confirm my feeling that fortnightly is better than weekly, especially if looking at dose higher than 6mg (per week)


In the end Sinclair did eventually prove that his Resveratrol findings where correct after all.

He takes it everyday with Yogurt, which is the necessary to its effectiveness.


Hi Pantoner, welcome to the site.

Ah - I’m not sold on resveratrol yet. There are still limited third party studies that show it works. And, the best studies that are done in the longevity field are the National Instites on Aging ITP program (that tests different drugs and other compounds in mice at three different labs / locations at the same time, so effectively three different studies at once) - and the ITP has found no benefit from Resveratrol.

Paper published on their study of resveratrol:

ITP program information:


are there any recommendations which time of day to ray rapamycin? should it be taken with food or without?

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Many people will take it in the morning as do I because some people experience a burst of energy which makes it hard to sleep.

Some people will take Rapamycin with a fatty meal as it improves absorption by 0.5X. Some people take Grapefruit juice 1-4 hours before taking Rapamycin as it increases absorption by 3-4X (for some maybe more). Others take Rapamycin with Metformin to blunt side effects such as rebound or high blood sugar.

Hope this helps.


read up here Improve Bioavailability of Rapamycin (2)

here: What is the Rapamycin Dose / Dosage for Anti-Aging or Longevity?

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