"Early" Longevity Program by Peter Attia Launches

I haven’t even read his book, I don’t even know what I’m supposed to learn from him at this point. That’s great because he and his podcast has been a great teacher for me…


For me 3-years ago, when I was making my move to take rapamycin… his podcasts with Matt Kaeberlein on what is aging, nutrition and rapamycin in general were useful. Even knowing he believed in it enough to take rapamycin and his dosing schedule. All valuable to someone trying to figure it out.

Now, I don’t think he has anything new to add for me. Grateful and kinda done.


I think this is a good point about many of the youtube people. They take you so far. However, they don’t give a full answer and people need to invest substantial time in reading to work out better solutions.



Just to reiterate this, if anyone has the spreadsheet from the Early program that outlines recommended tests and ranges - but wants to keep their sharing information private, please send it by private message to me (just click on my avatar and “message”.

I’d love to have something like this to work towards.


I think you guys are being too critical of Dr Attia.
Has he gone too commercial? Yes. Is he charging so much money for his services that it’s out of reach for many? Yes. Would his services be of much use to most of us? No. Am I losing some faith in what he does? Yes.
But he is bringing a lot of attention to this area of health care, which brings research and investment dollars. He is promoting proactive healthcare which is a great thing. And in my personal opinion, as someone who talks to physicians all day every day, he knows his shit. If anyone on this forum honestly thinks they are smarter or more knowledgeable than him, then you are on the wrong part of the Dunning Kruger curve.


I want @ConquerAging list of markers and target ranges for low all cause mortality. Who has that?


I completely agree. He’s by far the most focused on longevity science of any other professional online, and he brings an entire team of experts (about 15+ people in his medical services company) to the effort. I like his aggressive pursuit of progress in healthy aging, and the rejection of the status quo. I’m sure he’s not perfect, but in general he’s taking a good approach and sharing helpful information that is hard to get in a digestible format from other people.


I suggest you just ask Michael Lustgarten himself!

And then share with the rest of us. :wink:


Optimal biomarkers are on his patreon, it’s worth the price of a coffee.
Just ignore the LDL one if you do sub, i seriously disagree with that ‘optimal’ range.


Yes, it’s best to sponsor him through Patreon.


I have a lot of time for Peter Attia. The longevity guru market is filling up with all sorts or personalities and I guess it’s a case of ‘choose your guru’. I’d agree and say that his program is the most medically rigorous. If I was going to follow anyone’s protocol it would be his, and that’s despite finding him a little cynical and dogmatic.
For me this is just another positive sign that things are heading in the right direction. The fact that we’re seeing an uptick in longevity focused programs for consumers is great. These things follow a similar pattern, at first they’re only for the wealthy, but eventually it will trickle down to the great unwashed masses-of which I consider myself.


Welcome, welcome welcome :sweat_smile: :rofl: :sweat_smile:


Just got this in my email inbox. Seems they are more in marketing mode right now… “limited time only” type marketing. Given its all virtual and programatic (software/video driven), I’m not sure how they rationalize the limited availability (correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think you get any person-to-person interactions in this program, which might conceivably limit the scaling of this to an unlimited number of people.). Whatever the case, I suspect its a good program and probably worthwhile if you have $2,500 spare money in your budget…


There are only a limited number of spots remaining in this cohort and enrollment will be closing shortly. Because you joined the waitlist, you have exclusive access, along with premium members of The Drive, to this enrollment period which ends as soon as the remaining spots are filled.

This will be the final opportunity to enroll in the program for 2023.

Whether you join us in the Early program or not, we sincerely appreciate your support, your listenership, and our shared commitment to the pursuit of a better, longer life.

With appreciation,
The Early Team

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He is just a salesman trying to sell his product.

He probably got an (ill) advice on scarcity marketing trying to position his brand (into the luxury segment?) and the fear of shortage might sell more… If it works for Hermes Birkin bag it might for PA too, but is it rational? Certainly not and IMO he is just making a dent in his credibility…


I’n my view you are correct he is a good salesman.

And yes, I have offended some on this forum calling Attia a good salesman before, And I do not apologize for that.

Attia is a good salesman, extremely good using the Edward Bernays methodology.


It would not be fair to complain about people making a living or even getting rich from their efforts. I don’t see any conflict of interest here. Attia has helped a lot of people, me included. For me, Attia was the first “expert” (perhaps he wasn’t in the beginning) who wasn’t selling something. Even when he was wrong or later changed his mind, think he was honest. He had resources I could not begin to acquire, and I benefited from his sharing of what he learned. There are many options these days, and I don’t spend much time on The Drive anymore. I would never use this service, but that’s just me. I just don’t trust anyone fully anymore.


How else is he going to pay for all of his staff and full time researchers?
I think he probably provides a lot of value with his Early program, way more than the cost for those that can afford it.

Using special tactics to get paid is called being a rational actor with a business. As long as he doesn’t lie it’s fine. There’s probably some limit in how many can sign up (support, etc?).

For example I think Michael Lustgarten would get a lot more views by changing his thumbnails, applying some science to it.


Masses are easy to manipulate.

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“He had resources I could not begin to acquire, and I benefited from his sharing of what he learned. There are many options these days, and I don’t spend much time on The Drive anymore. I would never use this service, but that’s just me.”

I agree, Dr. Attia was a voice of reason for me 3 plus years ago. He helped me understand aging… and the things that would not help… and the one thing that did have merit rapamycin. Listened to a lot of his Drive shows.

Kinda done now, would not use his Early program because I don’t think it would give me much more benefit. But, some would need and benefit.

I also don’t use a health or gym coach… some people do. I think there could be some benefit, but I am committed, so don’t need the pressure of a coach to make me go. Like a drill Sargeant. The gains would be small in my opinion and the thought of a rigid schedule to be instructed… just not appealing to my more spontaneous lifestyle.


The majority are easy to manipulate, as I have posted before.

Read and truly understand Edward Bernays classical writings;


Crystallizing Public Opinion

The Engineering of Consent

In my view he was a very unethical person with no morals. A DB.

He lived till 103