"Early" Longevity Program by Peter Attia Launches

Early Medical and Peter Attia pre-launched Early today:

" Today is a big day. In the summer of 2020, my team and I began working on a very hard problem, to address a very important need:

How can we take the work that we do with our patients and make it accessible to a broader, non-patient, audience?

In trying to find a solution to this problem, Early was born. And today is the day Early is being offered to its first cohort."

" So, exactlywhat is Early? To start, I can honestly say that Early is sui generis . It simply has no peer. At its core, Early is an intensive 12-module program, consisting of more than 100 videos, totaling more than 25 hours of original content, available exclusively in the Early program, and hundreds of supporting documents and resources, that provides you with the education and tools necessary to engineer your own longevity playbook from start to finish.

You will have access to tools and resources that are exclusively available to our patients and participants in the Early program. Here are a few examples:

  • Access to the precise set of labs that we monitor for our patients and our internal reference ranges, including your own copy of the trend sheet to track your lab changes over time.
  • Access to our Longevity Risk Assessment, which helps you triage the specific risks to lifespan and healthspan that are most relevant to you.
  • Access to exclusive exercise instructional videos that assist you in building an exercise program uniquely tailored to your needs, as well as resources to help manage any injuries you might currently be struggling with.

Early is the culmination of our years of dedication as both students of, and physicians practicing, the applied science of longevity. While there is no direct doctor/patient relationship with me or my staff, Early aims to be the next best thing: an organized, exhaustive, and actionable program designed to put you in the driver’s seat of your own longevity journey.

There is no sugar-coating this . To extract the complete magnitude of value we’ve packed into Early is not an easy task. It will take time and effort. But I’m not aware of anything more deserving of your time and attention than the pursuit of a better life, both physically and emotionally."

The Website is here: https://www.earlymedical.com/


What are people’s thoughts?

Has anyone already enrolled and started to use the platform?

Based on how deep they seem to think about testing, this part does seem interesting to me:

[Note: I have no affiliation with Peter Attia or Early Medical, just have been a subscriber to his content for a few years - and have liked his podcasts more than I liked the book (that “held back” and simplified too much / felt too “cautious”)]


Here is also an overview, including some video introductions to the concept/platform:

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Do not take this wrong way.

Join, the cost is around $2,500 and report/post about it.

The fact is the majority of people do not have $2,500 in spare cash for this.

That is reality.

You noticed he has placed a “™” on the word’s;

“Longevity” and “Playbook” in two places on the copy of the landing page of the web site.

At the end of the day he operates a bu$ine$$. A very lucrative operation for a small operation.


Yeah the cost does seem high. Perhaps it will come down over time. For me it depends to a large extent on whether the platform will provide compounding value of time. As I continued to read through the materials they sent I saw this:


One-time: $2,500

We spent a great deal of time thinking through pricing for Early. It is not lost on us that the price exceeds other online “health programs.” However, Early is not like other programs.

Early addresses the most essential question you are confronted with in life—how can you live better for longer? For those willing to do the work, this program is fully capable of changing the trajectory of both your healthspan and your lifespan.

We can’t tell you whether or not the benefits of this program outweigh the cost, especially if you amortize them over your life as you should amortize the benefits over your life. Only you can make that assessment. However, we can say with certainty that we designed this program specifically with the goal that the answer to that question would be a resounding “Yes.”

I’m not sure whether I’ll make this investment or not (or whether at what point in time). So would love to hear from anyone else that evaluates it.


If I do end up joining I most certainly will share my thoughts.


I love Attia. I think he’s the best at what he does – aggregating longevity data and communicating it in a way that is easier for the masses to digest. I am not a fan of this

Someone close to Peter lied to him about what his role is in the longevity game. He’s a physician who aggregates data. He’s a concierge physician to the ultra-wealthy. He’s not a longevity researcher. Attia is not a longevity entrepreneur. He’s making a brazen cash grab on the backs of those who’s data he aggregates and burning the trust of his many followers who earn less than $100,000/Year.

I love Attia but I have much less respect for him than I did before and I hope he comes to his senses and returns this program to its original intent – making longevity protocols approachable AND obtainable.


You are correct!

This picture painted itself.


Sure but ChatGPT4 only costs me $20/Month and as of last week, I can upload my blood tests via IMG file and it can spit out real time feedback, that while not perfect sure doesnt cost me $2500.


I’m thinking this program would be most helpful to a person who has plenty of spare cash and who is new to the health/longevity/fitness field. Not being new and having listened to all of Attia’s podcasts over the years, it’s probably mostly a rehash of things he’s already talked about. That being said, I still bought the audio version just to support and reward his efforts and hard work.


What ChatGPT4 does for you when you upload your blood test?
Can you share a sample of ChatGPT4 report?


Yes, he is a physician and as physician also sometimes split between science and phenomenology, and between treating a symptom and understanding causality. He is the personification of medical profession. And don’t get me wrong he is really good at explaining complex processes and making then more understandable but he has limits… he has difficulties thinking outside the box (beyond data) and really be creative, he is really very technical, although almost perfect in this.

After medical school, Attia spent five years at the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland as a general surgery resident. He spent two years at the National Cancer Institute (NCI) at National Institutes of Health (NIH), in Bethesda, Maryland as a surgical oncology fellow under Steven Rosenberg. As his residency drew to a close, Attia joined the consulting firm McKinsey & Company in the Palo Alto office as a member of the Corporate Risk Practice and Healthcare Practice. Attia co-founded and served as President of Nutrition Science Initiative (NuSI) with Gary Taubes. In 2014, Attia founded Attia Medical, PC , a medical practice focusing on the applied science of longevity and optimal performance

So he trained in general surgery, then oncological surgery. Later, he joined that MBA consulting group, McKinsey, worked with Gary Taubes, then founded his longevity practice.


I haven’t looked at the program. But I think It’s most helpful for the average american as their health is average and riddled with misinfo.

The majority of Americans would have to look at this program and start saving for it, which is a massive barrier. As the majority cannot afford an unexpected $2500 bill (actually it is for $1000).


The twelve “modules” of the program seem to follow the framework set out in his latest book. It sounds like the information that should have been in his book “Outlive” (and maybe most of it is in the book, who knows). But, you really cant charge even a tiny fraction of $2,500 for a book.


For me personally, I’ve never liked Attia’s philosophy of endless testing. Better IMO to eat well, exercise, meditate, maintain healthy habits, & trust the body to heal itself. If you feel sick, call the doctor.



I do not think / sounds like you will receive any personal prescription’s. I may be wrong, As you can get most prescriptions on line for less than $70.00 if you do some digging.

If you read his book he stated something like;

I am the navigator you are the Captain, I will tell you what is ahead you have to correct the course.

Sounds like an extension of his book to generate more $$$$. Such as any of the thousand’s of video courses currently available on line.

Even Carlos Santana had/has a professional video courses over many modules on teaching his style of playing . This was through an online teaching web sites. As well as other well know people{such as Neil deGrasse Tyson teaching classes ] have “teaching videos”. If I recall the cost was like $200.00 a year or $180.00 a year subscription for unlimited viewing of all their programs available, all you can watch. The site is masterclass.com

There is one well know doctor{an MD] (no I am not post who, to receive wise ass comments) that last year or year and half ago offered unlimited viewing of video presentation {professional medical presentations] on his platform, not a one man show and the cost was like $80.00 for lifetime subscription access to all current and future presentations

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I’m a bit saddened by the price. Dr Attia always talks about medicine 3.0 as the preventative health care everyone needs. The Early website even mentions democratizing healthcare, by then he charges a price that will exclude many.
And anyone who has already paid for his book and his podcasts will likely not get much out of this.


The one time purchase is also off-putting, seeing how many businesses nowadays are opting for a subscription model. A subscription model in this case would have been perfect, as long as the patient lives, you’re getting money!

Feels like a cash grab.


Yes - but he funds a team of PHDs who review all the relevant longevity research so they are extremely well-informed (light years ahead of any other medical practice or doctor group I’ve ever heard of), and he shares a ton of information for free to the public (or at minimal cost for the membership to his online podcast notes, etc.

Most doctors are a lot less generous with their time and money for the broader population. Sure - its part of his marketing approach (podcast/youtube videos, etc.) but I suspect he is pretty maxed out on clients given his broad reach, and so he really doesn’t need to market any longer from an income standpoint).

$2500 is a huge leap down from $130K/year he charges his concierge medicine clients - so things are moving in the right direction, very quickly.

So Yes, you can criticize him for being rather elitist in his clientele and focus, but he’s doing much more than anyone else I can think of to popularize longevity medicine and he’s unquestionably moving the field forward. Hopefully he gets enough press and recognition that companies and medical practices realize that this is the future of healthcare and move faster towards providing cost-effective solutions.

And - It would be great to see Kaiser Permanente get into this market and really take a mass-market approach.


IMO, but might be regarded as socialist, medicine and health is not something you should be paying for and should be available for free to anyone. But in capitalist world people will take advantage of of our health and make profit. And even if he is funding his team, it sure brings him enough profit… I am really allergic to for profit medicine, since I believe medicine is public good and health and wellbeing is something that should be everyones right not something you should pay for. Same I believe is knowledge and information.