Doxycycline Hyclate - A Quick Medical Review Earn CME/CE in your Profession:

From Statpearls article/review below


  • Doxycycline hyclate can be taken at sub-acute doses of 40 mg daily for anti-inflammatory effects. The anti-microbial mechanism will not be in action at this sub-antimicrobial dose, sparing healthy bacteria and maintaining the body’s microbiome.

I asked my Doc about this last week and he wouldn’t prescribe. He said I might get MRSA.

Jagdish has it, but it’s so much trouble to wire money there…It does seem like something to try.


Use Online prescription service there are many

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Call on Doc cost $40.00

That is for prescription only.

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There are others, compare price as the discounts are different, by zip code used.

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In my view yes at 40mg to 50mg a day.

Not at 100mg a day.

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comes in 100’s from Jagdish, so could cut in half.

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90 50mg capsules cost less than $20.00 with a prescription in the NY/NJ area at a Stop n Shop Pharmacy with a discount card.

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