Tetracyclines: nonantibiotic properties and their clinical implications

This article would apply to doxycycline.


Nice paper, thanks:


There are several small clinics around the country (Riordan, Care…) that recommend things like metformin, doxycycline, Vitamin C,…long list of recycled drugs and supplements to help stop the cancer. Always wondered why doxycycline was in there. Now I have a better idea.

Interestingly, depending on where you live, you can buy USP-grade tetracycline and some other antibiotics from some pet stores and farm supply stores without a prescription. I haven’t been to my local aquarium supply store in decades, but I used to get it to treat some tropical fish diseases when I was into home aquariums.
Maybe Agetron or some of the other farmers would know something about this. Some farmers treat chickens with tetracyclines.

But still no document showing why rapamycin with doxycycline?

And not just because “fill in the name” takes it.

Clinically I have noticed a remarkable number of patients get stomach upset from doxycycline.

At what dose?

Have you/ do you use doxycycline in low dose for inflammation?

Almost never prescribe. Just see patients with side effects from standard dose of 100 mg.

Should we have this question posted for everyone?