Deadly Sugar - An older Book all should review


If you have never read/listen to{an audiobook version] of
John S. Yudkin titled;

“Pure, White and Deadly: The new facts about the sugar you eat as a cause of disease, diabetes”

Original published in 1970"s

Updated in 1986

You should.


Old news indeed Joseph.

For a little weekend humor…

I wanted to buy a book on Rapamycin yesterday, but when I got to the store and read the name of the shop, I knew they didn’t have it.


Thank you for posting this. I have looked into buying one of the original hardcopy versions of this book. The prices are simply astronomical, however. But it looks like I managed to get one for a good price this time.

This is actually the original version. I believe when they published in the UK, a few months later, they changed the name to Pure, White and Deadly. That is the title that has been used ever since. It’s hard to that version for under $500. This one is much cheaper and the original.

There is a semi famous youtube video by Robert Lustig, UCSF (UC San Francisco) on this topic also - probably more accessible:


I love that video. That is what started me on this path. He wrote the forward to the latest addition of Yudkin’s book. Pure, White is also available on audible. A lot of important stuff has been added since the 1972 version!

The Internet Archive has Pure, White and Deadly available to borrow.

You can purchase an updated audio book version for $14.00.

It was updated by a medical doctor, Robert Lustig

Robert Lustig book titled:" Metabolical: The Lure and the Lies of Processed Food, Nutrition, and Modern Medicine"

Is also a very good book to review

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Yes - another great book:

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metabolical is a great book. His 2 follow up videos to the first sugar video are great also.

I sure hope nobody here needs to read a book to figure that sugar is dangerous.

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I think I stopped eating sugar and ultra processed foods in 2020. So for me reading this book in 1972 would’ve been a pretty good thing.

this one published 2022 about detrimental effect of fructose IMO is much more up-to-date