Creatine for new user

do any of you use creatine and if so how much and did it help? energy? side effects ?

Creatine makes me stronger and I think it makes my brain work better. It makes your muscles retain a little water, so you may gain a little weight. I just take 5 grams (one scoop) per day.

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Creatine is produced in the body from the amino acids arginine, glycine, and methionine. There are a number of versions of creatine - including buffered versions like Kre-Alkalyn - but creatine monohydrate has the most scientific evidence to support its efficacy and safety.

I’ve been using creatine for at least 15 years, currently using Thorne Creatine but there are other good choices.

At this time of year, I take 5mg 90 minutes before HIIT treadmill exercise. I do this 3x / week. I don’t take it on rest days, or for lighter exercise. Creatine helps to create greater gains in strength, muscle mass and performance and is particularly good at high-intensity intermittent activities that require rapid recovery.

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Thank you so so much! I just do light excerise walking ect. I show low creatine in my labs. I ordered the Throne powder will arrive today. I will start with a low dose. Im not wanting to bulk up just maintain good health ect - so you only use on days you exercise intensely ?

Eveyday you need your brain. You need to load up on creatine, it takes around 4-6 weeks with 5g/day. You could take as much as 20mg for about a week to liad but it can cause GI distress especially when you don’t completely dissolve the creatine

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If creatine’s precursors include methionine, would supplementation of creatine increase methionine levels (and thus diminish the likelihood of extended longevity)? — i’m now trying to take more glycine and NAC to offset the animal protein in my diet and I take 30g of collagen daily, and want to (again) take creatine regularly, but not if it increases methionine.

I took creatine for three months (one scoop per day) and really didn’t notice anything. But the studies and safety profile is overwhelmingly positive, including things i may not have noticed including mental acuity (I just misspelled “acuity” so that may say something in itself), so perhaps worth taking again.

I’m struggling to find a space in my supplementation to take taurine with the GlyNAC and collagen i’m already taking (both in my morning coffee). I’m considering making my own “sports drink” to have a fixed amount right before i go to the gym in the afternoon (six hours after my GlyNAC). I’m considering making a daily dose of 5g creatine, some taurine, and maybe salt, baking soda, apple cider vinegar, and maybe a few other things. Either that or I take the taurine at night and substitute beta-alanine and carnosine in the “sports drink”. I’m considering the sports drink because I can make a huge batch all at once every one/two weeks and then it is easy to deal with; i am not as good with doing tasks repeatedly forever.