Celebrities taking Rapamycin?

Al Pacino is 83 and just got his 29 year old wife pregnant. He better start taking rapa if he wants to attend the kid’s 8th grade graduation. =D


which won’t be very good for transplant patients who need it to stay alive

The good thing about rapa vs ozempic is that rapamycin is generic. Many companies make it and can easily crank up supply to meet demand. The Ozempic craze has been difficult because it’s only made by one company and is a biologic which requires all kinds of special manufacturing and supply chain things to make happen.

How do you know they can easily crank up supply - if celebrity endorsement suddenly sees demand go up 10x compared to now there is no chance manufacturers could keep up. More supply cannot happen overnight.

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You’re right I can’t say for certain there’s no possibility. But I think the situation is much better than with Ozempic where you only have a single company with a very specialized production line. Rapamycin is made by lots of companies using pretty standard techniques that have been around for a long time.

In addition, I think rapamycin doesn’t have that same immediate appeal for most people, even if a celebrity talked about it. I think most people are going to need time to the idea of taking something long term to possibly but not for sure extend their lives 10% maybe. The appeal of “use this and be skinny in 4 months” is so much more immediate and graspable by anyone.

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Yes - and if he doesn’t… :grinning:


I think that there are many non-celebrity Billionaires taking Rapa. Dr. Alan Green probably has a few of the rich and famous. Remember that the Billionaires put big money in longevity research. What good is money if you can’t live to enjoy it.

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