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If I could find a US prescriber, I’d ask them to send an Rx to Cost Plus Drugs for #60 of the 2 mg tabs. $1.73/mg + $5 shipping. #60 of the 1 mg tabs are $1.85/mg if you need odd number doses. May not be as cheap as India, but no problems with customs or delays in shipping.


Wise asks a more detailed question about the reason for payment now.

If you say ‘payment to businesses before collection of goods’ it asks for an invoice number, and they make it sound like they ask to see that invoice on the other end.

It also has an option for ‘medical expenses’ which doesn’t ask for an invoice, but that sounds like a trap.

If you ordered recently what did you specify here?

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You forgot that Zydus is 6 tablets vs. 10 Rapacan.

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Western Union is set up for person to person transfers. Did Apple give you a personal account to send money to?

I tried sending money to Kachhela via Moneygram and Remitly. Rejected by both. And Remitly charged my debit card in the bargain, but says will refund within ten days. Terrific.

Tried putting the company name in the first and last name fields, and and then answering reason for sending question as ’ top up savings’ or something like that.

So you’ll need a personal account to send to if you try either of those.

And this is a recent addition: Manual review. Not going to test this out.

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Thanks for suggesting Apple Pharma.
I had previously bought from Jagdish with no problems but it seems that their situation has changed.
I just sent a price inquiry to Apple so I’ll see what they say. I’m after the Biocon Rapacan 1mg.


You’re right. My bad :grin: -

Maybe? I don’t know what’s an Indian personal account versus a business account. I know it worked.

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I’m happy for you that it worked.

I’m trying understand how you got it to work, so that the rest of us might have the same success. It doesn’t seem like it should work, so if you’ll bear with me, maybe I can figure out where I’m wrong.

Did you put ‘Apple’ in the first name field and ‘Pharmaceuticals’ in the last name field?

Also, for ‘purpose of transaction’, did you specify ‘family maintenance/savings’? There are only two choices here, and the other one is ‘credit to NRE account’, and I don’t know what that is.

western union purpose of transaction

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I appreciate your desire to understand, however, I did not get it to work–the Apple rep did. I made no decisions; I just followed their instructions. I’ll ask them anew the next time, in case things have changed.

The Apple rep told me what would work best for them, with Western Union, at that time, for my location, etc. I have no idea if that’s the same for you, or if it will (like many of these payment systems) change over time.

I suggest you just reach out to the Apple rep, tell them your situation, and see what they say for you. All I’m doing here is telling you that the information they gave me worked. My package has cleared customs and is in transit to me now.

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@sol, woohoo! I’m glad to hear it!

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I bought 15 strips of ten tablets each for a total of $100, shipping included. Without shipping, it cost $5.00 per strip, or fifty cents per tablet. The brand is Rapacan, made by Biocon. Of course, as more and more Americans get caught up in the craze, prices will rise accordingly.

P.S. I paid via bank transfer through Wise. Very smooth transaction.


Ok, so I ended up wiring the money via my Schwab brokerage account. cost $15. I entered the transaction parameters online, didn’t have to call anyone. No questions asked about purpose of transfer, but I don’t doubt it was subject to a quick manual review. Transfer effected yesterday, and woke up to a Kachhela shipment tracking number this morning.

300 Rapacan for $230 + $15 for wire.


Allnat is another vendor that has delivered the goods. I actually paid for this with Wise.
(If got it correctly this is what len5742 suggested but didn’t actually try)
I got Wise to transfer the money by transferring it directly to the bank account number without ever mentioning Allnat Pharmacy. This is the same bank that Jagdish Nicose uses. After all, it is just a bank account. No need to tell Wise who it is for. That is the way most ACH transfers take place, just bank account to bank account.

Just inform “Guneet” that is what you are doing.

I was dealing with “Guneet” He was a little slow to post to EMS but once posted I received the Rapacan rapamycin within 12 days. My next order will be to still another supplier. Most suppliers that I have looked at are selling at $8 for 10 ten, 1mg tablets.

I am going to be stocking up a little at these prices. I don’t know if the prices are going up but Apple Pharma. is charging about $14 for 10 tablets. With increasing popularity, I don’t expect prices to be going down. My survey of some suppliers and the MSDS data sheets tell me I can freeze it for at least 2 years.

" Store in freezer"


For anyone in the EU, I got my rapamycin through the EUdoctor app. Worked well. The pharmacy here in Sweden did everything they could to refuse me but eventually they had to give in. The prescription is legit, the laws are clear. It feels good to know my rapa is the real thing.


Update on my Apple Pharmeceuticals shipment:

Recieved package of 100 count of Biocon Rapacan 1mg today. Package is quite well-wrapped. :grin:

Order was perfect. Transit time 13 days total to west coast USA.

Very happy with the experience, and I will do business with Apple again.


Hi Victoria,

Thanks for sharing. Is your Rapamune covered by the Swedish health care system or did you have to pay out of pocket? If you had to pay, how much does it cost in Sweden?


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you say for WU’s convenience. How do u say that when nothing could be more convenient than debit/credit card espcially when u can do some charge back on credit card upon complaint to your bank as i have done several times from other vendors on other purchases and services if have valid excuse.

Just an update on two suppliers that I use. I used Allnat Pharma because I was having trouble paying with Wise. Wise is very convenient when it works.

Now, suddenly I am able to pay Jagdish Nikose of R L Pharma. He is my preferred supplier and I have used him for the better part of two years.

Using Wise to pay him, I used R L Pharma as the supplier. Wise then asked me the name of the person the account belonged to and I replied; Jagdish Nikose. Wise then immediately transferred the funds. It was the quickest transfer they have ever made. I like to use Jadish because he is quick to send and the product is as cheap or cheaper for the Biocon/Rapacan than other suppliers. Currently, he is charging $6.50 for 10 1mg tablets.