Bryan Johnson's Longevity Protocol - Your Thoughts?

Soros and their crowd also tried to break the Bank of Hong Kong along the same lines as they had done with the Bank of England. They failed.

In finance, you hear of all the triumphs, but for every triumph, there is a failure. Some of these guys are smart, but rarely at all times.

The biggest threat to the USD is the Chinese renminbi. Living in China, I can tell you that currency is changing dramatically.

For instance, in China, no one uses cash anymore except tourists. Most businesses are now switching to transactions based on facial recognition. They have a camera in the back of the register that scans your face and then debits your bank account for your purchase. Pretty amazing? or scary?


Soros, Rogers and we can name many other’s, fail more than they succeed. And when they succeed, their is monumental success. They would not have attained their financial status.This causes the pillers of the establishment to tremble in fear.That is a real hard fact.

Money talks, BS walks.

If you never read Soros Autobiography I recommend you should. Rogers is also a good read.

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The bottom line is life is not and never will be fair based on the biological hand dealt each individual. I didn’t mean to touch off a political discourse. And we can cite criminal activities of the Clintons, Bidens, FBI and a host of others that have benefited from taxpayer money to the detriment of society as whole. Lens5742 has a valid point. There is always too much generalization used to validate one’s bias without clearly seeing each individual point. But, I’ll leave it at that. My Capitalism vs Marxism lecture is at least two semesters long. Not enough time to educate the indoctrinated here.


I don’t see longevity directly as a political issue, I’m a business person who’s interested in getting the best bang for my buck (and want to see as many as people as possible living long and healthy lives).

I don’t see things in black and white, red or blue, capitalism vs. marxism. I care about results. Our world is too complex for simplistic binary thinking. I look at the data and see what is working. I see we as a country invest a lot in healthcare:


And most people don’t seem to be getting a good ROI on that healthcare investment:

So I hope that new longevity technologies help improve things for most people, not make things worse.

I spend my life in tech startups in the silicon valley - and startups are great for solving some issues. But many other issues may be solved by innovative non-profits, or other types of structures or organizations, or government groups. I don’t care which it is, I say just test different approaches and use what works best for most people.

If I saw the above trendlines in my business (vs. a competitor), I’d be working hard to learn from the others who are getting better results than I am, and would change things.


Many are confused when they look to the government or their agencies for the solutions to healthcare. They demonize big Pharma but are blind to the fact that government is fed by their lobbyists gleefully. Don’t look to NIH and Fauci clones to advance longevity. I’ll place my bets on capitalism and entrepreneurs like Thiel. To lump healthcare for all and longevity research is an example of muddled thinking.


For example, extending every life in the USA for one year with no loss of health would generate $56 trillion. For most countries the result is 4% of GDP.

Big incentives for governments to support basic research, biotech company environment and big pharma investments in the space.


At the same time:

Inequities in the US health system cost approximately $320 billion today and could eclipse$1 trillion in annual spending by 2040 if left unaddressed.


It also becomes as national security, competitiveness and geopolitics imperative - with vast advantages to nations that make progress and have strong powerful populations and workforces.


There’s more than one way to do it.

B.Johnson’s way and / or experimenting with your own experience with carnivore or ketovore.

People are not only improving quality of life but also saving $2,000 / year on food.

It’s the simplest format I’ve seen…


  1. Vegetable oils processed
  2. Processed Sugars
  3. Processed grains

Have lots of fun with…

  1. Any animal product except milk (maybe okay for kids)
  2. Salt to taste. If it’s too salty, add less next time. If not salty enough add salt.
  3. Water - I suggest four glasses upon waking. Eat within one hour of waking.

4. Track what you eat. (No shame blame guilt, just what’s so)

Google search for your side effects. They are temporary.

You may experience increased heart rate, that’s the blood actually pumping through the body. (The elimination of the above is what’s been blocking you from absorbing the vitamins, minerals, and amino acids from animal products).

It’s free and easy if you can slow it down and connect these dots with further positive research. For example of negative research. “Is carnivore diet bad?” Example of positive inquisitive, “how to stop loose stool on carnivore diet?”

There’s a lot of support with it. You can heal yourself and save money at the same time.

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Bryan Johnson posted this on Twitter today. I found it hilarious. This fits many a day in my life.


Mine too! On Cialis! :smiley:


His bad decisions… What’s her name? :wink:

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Does anyone know what type of machine (generally, and specifically) Bryan is using here?

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Just found this… see ab machine below:

I’ve not read much on EMS / electronic muscle stimulating machines before - here is some info:

Bryan Johnson Home Gym Equipment

Bryan’s Total Home Gym Cost = $10,150

Bryan Johnson Ab Machine

Bryan Johnson has an abdominal machine capable of simulating 20,000 sit-ups in just 30 minutes. However, it’s important to note that this equipment won’t magically show your abs. This machine looks like the Renasculpt Machine

renasculpt fe60


How many people are going to spend $10K on gyn equipment for their home?


Using the auction or Craigslist approach you could probably get the entire list for $1,000


How many people would have room for all that equipment?

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10k really isn’t that much, gym memberships cost 30 bucks on average in the western world.

10.000 : 30 : 12 = ~27.8 years

Let’s assume the average life expectancy is 80 years, so if you buy a set-up before the age of 40, you will have broke even when you reach the ripe age of 68 and have 12 years of “free” working out. Also don’t forget the amount of time you save by not traveling to the gym, waiting on said equipment to be free, the joy of being able to have your grandkids join you while working out, etc.

On another note, I genuinely think a lot of people who are into longevity are well-off…and will have room for their own equipment…but that’s a semantics discussion


There would be diminishing returns on a lot of the kit. Some basic kit to keep at home is not that expensive.