Bryan Johnson, Is he the New Poster Child for Rapamycin Use?

hu·bris /ˈ(h)yo͞obrəs/ noun

  1. excessive pride or self-confidence.
    “the self-assured hubris among economists was shaken in the late 1980s”

Or? Maybe… Winning effect!

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feeling of superiority




Hahaha. Maybe Maveric78 has something there.


That said, I might be rolling on “T”… but better than being on cortisol - a common Brit problem. :wink:


I think we need to applaud those individuals who are able to apply the practices and achieve outstanding results. Good on you @Agetron for setting an example for us all to follow.

Also, I truly appreciate your and @RapAdmin 's positive, friendly, and optimistic attitude. Also the camaraderie from everyone here at this site is excellent. That’s what keeps me here TBH.



I just read this thread in its entirety. Some good musings, the tangent on investment strategy notwithstanding.

Personally, I have enjoyed keeping up on Bryan’s experiments and protocols. I am on a Rapamycin break as I heal from hip resurfacing in March. So trying other longevity hacks is all I have and some of Bryan’s are accessible and fairly low risk.

I have done super veggie every day for 3 months and I really like it and how it has effected my GI/micro biome. Hard to argue with 70lbs of great veggies a mo. I do some of his supplements too but frankly was already doing them before he posted blueprint. They aren’t that earth shattering. I am 4 times into his workout. It is quite good. A lot of it is taken from the knees over toes guys, but having strong knees is important as we age. I recommend it if you haven’t tried it. Post hip surgery I am not 100% in shape enough to do all the exercises fully but they aren’t hard to modify. I also have done his mouth/teeth routine. A 1-minute addition to my dental routine is worth it to me and I like the effects on my breath and how my mouth feels and teeth and gums look. Lastly, I am curious about red light so I may try that. I know many on this site have in varying ways.

When I see all the haters it makes me think of the man in the arena quote.


Spoke to Dr. GREEN, my Rapamycin doc since 2018, and he recommended metformin as a better more sustainable way to get the acarbose (sugar control) affect without some of the stomach side effects of Acarbose.


Yes - if acarbose is not working for you then metformin (or perhaps an SGLT2 inhibitor - did you talk to him about those?). metformin is likely fine.

See here: Canagliflozin - Another Top Anti-aging Drug

Have you tried a low wheat diet with acarbose? When I switched more to lentils and rice and away from bread/pasta, etc. - most of my GI issues went away with acarbose.


Dr. Green indicated the mechanisms of acarbose and metformin are both attempting to manipulate IR and reduce the damage of higher free circulating blood sugar. His preference based on side effects and safety profiles was metformin.
“I think the acarbose study shows the benefit of glucose control.
So shows why metformin is good, increased insulin sensitivity
Acarbose decreases digestion of carbs.
Not convinced of benefit in humans.”

Acarbose is poorly absorbed into the bloodstream, and has a low systemic availability of less than 2% [84]. As a result, the risk of any toxic reaction is very low and, to date, no interactions have been reported between acarbose and β-blockers, sulphonylureas, angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors or warfarin therapy [18].


You know Bryan is getting famous when the Onion lampoons him.

I got a chuckle out of this, and hopefully Bryan has thick enough skin that he can too.


Its great! And he definitely has a sense of humor about it all I think:


Yeah… Bryan kinda asked for it once he started sharing his nightly erection data… and short term goals. Or, was that long term??? Hahaha :laughing:

The Onion couldn’t resist taking it further.


Oh my, this is just the laugh I needed today (for longevity purposes since laughter is the best medicine)!!!


I suspect that actually the largest component of any age reduction is his extreme fitness and lean body mass. I hope the rapamycin has something to do with it as well.


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Bryan Johnson is officially rolling out his ‘don’t die’ lifestyle: Blueprint’s first female subject isn’t scared of death, she just wants to ‘live as much as possible’


November 9, 2023, 8:13 AM PST

Bryan Johnson, founder of Blueprint, now has colleague Kate Tolo on the program with him as well.

Full Story:


Carpe Diem, eh? Newspapers need headlines, I guess.

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Bryan Johnson and Oliver Zolman doing a Q&A today:

Covers many topics including supplements, hair, skin, blood. Interestingly they’ve found that Ashwagandha (and you only want the KSM-66 version) increases testosterone without any downsides.


Seems to be struggling with the youthful hair thing. Definitely loss on the crown… at least it is trimmed shorter… but still looking like Data the android from Star Trek.

He looks great physically until he is with his son… then you see what real youth looks like.

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I like watching this guy, but he is missing some of the latest stuff, like E5:

Still fun to see it all going more mainstream.

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