Bryan Johnson, Is he the New Poster Child for Rapamycin Use?


Hi Bryan,

This is about typical level for this degree supplementation (more common doses are in the 4-10 mg range, on a weekly basis). You are in a small % who self-monitor; surveillance in humans is not cheap, but aligns well with the principle you can’t manage without monitoring. This should be applauded.

The more challenging question is identifying “optimal,” which if there is therapeutic effect in humans, is yet poorly defined. Though I have written extensively about what optimal might look like in the past, the more data that comes out the less certainty on “optimal”- for humans. Levels below 20 ng/mL can be argued, as well as higher levels. Nevertheless, for those who choose this route, monitoring is a starting point. Like any prescription medication there is a risk of adverse events

Much of the what we define as optimal are based on either theoretical calculations, or else the limited data available in humans. Borrowing from everolimus (slightly different dosing but the large difference being everolimus has ~half the half-life) weekly dosing in the 5-20 range may have a favorable effect on immunity. 5 mg/week was at least as effective as 20 mg/week in one study (not replicated), but with fewer side effects.

More than ever I am convinced “optimal” is highly personalized. This is both science and art, since evidence on efficacy is particularly poorly defined in humans. But I think it helpful that readers be reminded that risk/benefit assessment for a given level is a serious matter for all prescription medication (and some OTCs too). All the more, with said uncertainty.

I am pleased that you are drawing attention to its potential, which hopefully will help catalyze trials to determine whether rapamycin (sirolimus) has heath benefits, if so at what levels would be optimal for what populations. Moreover, appreciate your raising awareness both here, and more broadly on the concept of self-monitoring while still in the “healthy” state to optimize health longitudinally across the lifespan. We need more of this in medicine.


Bryan has added/is experimenting with 300mg Genistein as daily supplement as per his monthly update in March 2023.


I grabbed Bryans three main recipes and started eating only that end of April. At 73, I’m feeling a bit better. Am trying to stop laying down for like 3 days. I just got up from a four day bed marathon. I seem to mostly want to astral travel and can do it, more or less, for days and days. I wonder where an older mind is suppose to be. Some people are giving astral travel workshops while I’m trying to stop it. I take a lot of supplements. Duloxitin is the most potent pill and I take it for radiculopathy. Still, I think this pain thing is somewhat just in the mind. I took lithium ornate last night and the top of my brain felt a calm. I don’t take all the supps Bryan does but I take alot. He said one reason for the supplements is because he can’t afford more caloric intake. That makes sense. Plus, I sure don’t want to mess around with food and choices all the time. I’m honing in on these Bryan habits and I must say it makes me so happy.


Bryan Johnson’s publicity protocol is truly outstanding. He’s able to achieve global coverage on monthly basis. Bloomberg - Are you a robot?

Human beings are almost certainly interested in longevity/healthspan issues. The problem to date has been that a lot of things don’t make a lot of difference.


Statins or other cholesterol lowering medications are the most powerful longevity drugs available. So there exists things that do make a massive difference. ASCVD is the number one killer and pretty much all cases can be prevented.


Yes, that’s very true - I’ve looked into Attia’s assertions re apob and the data does stack up. If you keep apoB low enough for long enough then ASCVD disease risk is minimal. Bring on the rosuvastatin + ezetimibe

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Is TRT, testosterone replacement therapy?

I think I’ll jump on the acarbose wagon starting next month. Seems like a pretty safe bet for a prediabetic like me. Prediabetic now according to measurements because I take atorvastatin and supplements but I cannot say for a fact that psyllium husk and some of these others help me with blood glucose or not, but I’ll keep taking them. After I started taking supplements I went from diabetic to prediabetic.


I am not a doctor or dietitian but my take on body fat is some people can get used to a particular %age of body fat. I am not saying anyone can get used to a CR level of body fat(7% or less), but for a long time(decades) I was obese, and in 2022 I went from 235lbs to 200lbs. Now reducing weight or any kind of activity leaves me grabbing a jacket even when it is 75F plus! The other day it was almost 80F out and I went for a 4 mile walk with an insulated Fall jacket with sleeves. I sweat a bit, but not much.

I can and have been stable at 180lbs for years, but not since I was in my early 20’s and again when I was around 40. I’m 63 now and have spent less than 3yrs at 180lbs since the 1980’s. I need to get used to dipping below 200lbs because my goal is 170lbs by the end of 2023.

I have not weighed 170lbs since 1980!


TBI-CHI asked:

Is TRT, testosterone replacement therapy?

Yes. Testosterone Replacement Therapy - TRT.

In my testosterone level I was around 400 (very low normal). That was 4-years ago. I weighed about 198 pounds. A lot of adipose tissue - body fat.

Since then, I have been weekly injections of cypionate 200 mg 1 ml. Because testosterone can be converted into estradiol, I also take Anastrozole 1mg when I do my injection. Keeps testosterone from turning into estradiol. My testosterone is in the upper normal 1300 -1400 range. Still normal by USA standards - just high normal. For me makes a difference in maintaining libido, fat distribution, energy, strength and muscle.

With rapamycin and TRT I stay at a consistent 180-182 range past 3 years. Difference is it is muscle - no fat. I eat almost constantly… as much - as often as I want and no weight gain.

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Thank you for your detailed reply. You gave me a jumping off point for a conversation with my Drs. TRT is something that I have thought about for years, but never asked my Drs about.

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That’s the problem… you hear all these horror stories and how it’ll make you roided out and angry at everyone… wrong.

I was afraid to even think of taking it.

I’ve taken TRT for 4 years… what doctors discovered is a lot of that information was wrong. You’re not taking so much that it wouldn’t be normal in your system anyway. As we men age we lose testosterone like women lose estrogen. And we need these hormones in our bodies.

New information is coming out that it doesn’t damage your heart the way they once thought.

Yes, I’m glad I talked to my physician (he was on it already - I was gobsmacked) and we worked on a plan to get my testosterone up to high normal.

I believe TRT with the Rapamycin is a great combination for older men… keeping you youthful, strong and focused. Ready to live more good years.


Last month, I said that I wanted to take acarbose, and my dr replied with, “I am thinking of taking you off of Jardiance.” I think I’ve been on Jardiance for 2yrs now after high glucose and A1C readings, plus weighing 235. I started taking supplements 2 to 3 months ago, and I cannot tell explicitly which ones are hitting my blood sugar and glucose readings (I have ideas) but over the last 6 months, now my readings are in the prediabetic range. If I don’t need it I certainly don’t want to be on it!

I think by the 3rd of mext month I’ll be signed up to take acarbose no matter what. If my drs take me off of Jardiance, I’ll sign up to take Metformin to keep blood sugar / glucose in check and to get my body ready to take rapamycin.

In 2023, I weighed 235lbs. Now I’m ~200lbs and want to drop weight to 175lbs in 2023, and maintain strict blood sugar readings. I have a glucose monitor to monitor it.

Just turned 63. Was signed up to start taking rapamycin at the beginning of May but chickened out. Now I’m getting everything else out of the way. Everything that I read says go for it! Thinking hard…but it seems more than likely I’ll be starting in 2023.

I lifted like a mad man when I was 35yrs old. 70 sets spread out over double sessions 3x a week, 30 sets every other day. One day off a week. Plus I did hapkido 3x a week, and a lot of jogging and bicycle riding while getting ready for a time trial and road race for the Iowa Games. I was around 205lbs and think I could have gotten down to 190lbs.

Not sure what my dr is going to say about TRT. He’s very cautious, and I think he will say no, but he may surprise me. I have an enlarged prostate, it is benign and am on Tamsulosin. I went through open heart surgery in late 2017 for a new aortic valve and 3-way bypass. They say that I have cardiomyopathy and this was diagnosed by heart MRI. I need a 2nd opinion on this.

I’m absolutely fine as far as I can tell. Just want to drop weight and live as healthy as possible for as long as possible. Going through a transformation.


I am loving acarbose. No more diarrhea (probably from the metformin and Rapa) but a lot more gas. Also, have dropped 4 pounds which I am happy about!


He’s a poster boy for a dystopian future, not for rapamycin


More like a poster child for a freak.

Transforming like Michael Jackson.


Let me remind you.

The Real spokesperson for Rapmycin.

Does the talk, the walk and has the documentation.

The standard to follow.

…“People who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are doing it.”… ~ unknown


Such a sycophant :roll_eyes:

A common side effect of excessive testosterone… hubris.


You will get use to it.