Bryan Johnson: How I Reversed My Hair Loss + Greying

Apparently the grey hair reversal is mostly due to a natural dye it seems. Perhaps of most interest, he just started exosome treatment for his hair loss.


I’m surprised they actually listed what’s in his topical hair solution.

Actually, it is most of the stuff that I use in my skunk works tonic, feeling pretty good about that.

He uses melatonin…I use metformin (according to research clinical trials great for alopecia regrowth).


His hair color is too consistent. The GR-7 would not create that color consistency in my experience. I am not familiar with mayraki product. Does anyone here use that?


As mentioned end of October… my hair regrowth benefit had fallen backwards after months of not using my hair tonic. I started my skunks works tonic up with a few improvements from Danlalane

Very similar to Bryan’s tonic.

My tonic materials seen in the picture below:

5 white tablets 500mg Metformin
4 green pills 2mg each… Zydus Sirolimus
4 pills blue pills Finasteride 5mg
Rosemary oil .2 fluid ounces
Diclofenac gel 3 Tablespoons
Odorless DMSO .5 fluid ounce
5% Minoxidol topical 2 fluid oz.
5 white pills Minoxidol 5mg

Crush all pills in plastic bag…with pliers… add liquids… in glass… finish up … nip of ends of capsules… squeeze in the contents.

3 capsules ECGC
3 capsules Resveratrol

The main changes are added Rosemary oil and Diclofenac Gel

So we are on the right path according to Bryan’s recipe… and my hair growth has rebounded again. My hair dresser noticed it too. Hahaha.


Where / how did you get the diclofenac gel? Is that an over the counter product in the US? (Ah - yes - I see it is). But the tablets are a generic prescription drug - so we may want to buy those and crush them and add them to the formulation.

I’ve never heard of the drug, and wonder what the purported benefit is in this topical application on the head?

Price is dirt cheap (tablets or gel) as might be expected, in India, at the current exchange rate of about 80 rupees to the US$:


I ordered the diclofenac gel from Amazon… it is liquid-like and dissolves evenly in the mixture. I think it works great.

I guess you could crush tablets, but there is often residual bits.

Almost pure stuff… .93 Diclofenac


I’d never heard of this… looks interesting. Anyone here tried it? From the reviews below, it sounds very early, and no good clinical trials yet documented.

Research on Exosomes for Hair Loss

Clinical trials demonstrate safety of exosome use in medicine, but data showing efficacy and safety of exosome therapy for alopecia are lacking. We identified several gaps in knowledge required for effective clinical translation including safety, exosome source, and optimal treatment delivery mechanism and dosage.

Conclusion: Exosomes are on the horizon as an exciting therapeutic for the treatment of alopecia. Further studies and clinical trials are required.

Systematic review of exosome treatment in hair restoration: Preliminary evidence, safety, and future directions


Although current clinical evidence supporting the use of exosome treatment is limited, there is a growing body of evidence suggesting its therapeutic potential. Further studies are warranted to define its mechanism of action, optimize its delivery and efficacy, and to address important safety concerns.


So finasteride and minoxidil…


Yes - but they are both being used as a topical (I think he also takes oral minoxidil).


Finasteride and minoxidil work either topically or orally, that much has been shown in studies. I would bet 100€ that 98% of his gains came from those two drugs.


I’ve used volaren for knee pain. It is a surprisingly effective pain killer. I used it when I had very bad / sharp knee pain that came on over about 12 mos. Patellofemoral pain is the name of “we don’t know what it is” syndrome. It also faded over the last 6 mos so I don’t use the Volaren anymore.

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Maybe you’ve looked into this more than I but Diclofenac (Voltaren) is a pretty strong NSAID. NSAID’s decrease GFR in the kidneys and can cause kidney damage at high dose and especially in the context of dehydration. Diclofenac cream is “dosed” per instructions on the box meaning you can’t just rub a bunch wherever you want because it is applied topically but absorbed at some level systemically. So it comes with a card and you express a line of a certain length depending on where you are applying. If I remember correctly there is no instruction for dosage for application for the scalp.

I’d be concerned using it on my scalp as the scalp is highly vascularized (that’s why head wounds bleed so much) and likely Diclofenac in the topical form is absorbed more readily through the scalp than when it is applied elsewhere. It might be fine but I’m not sure we have any way of knowing. Especially if you are taking other NSAIDs like Naproxen or ibuprofen for back pain or other arthritis, adding Diclofenac to hair tonic may be pushing the NSAID dosage limit for your kidneys. At the very least I’d follow kidney function more frequently if I were using this.

I’ve mentioned this before but one of the observations in clinical trials for the SGLT2i’s was dehydration that contributed to acute renal injury so again adding all these together may put you at higher risk.

Just a note of caution.


diclofenac is available here in Europe and via IndiaMart as a 6x 75 mg / 3ml injectable.

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In spite of all his money spend in trying to look food he’s still a creep

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What I have noticed is in men the areas of hair most resistant to male pattern baldness grey much more than the areas that go bald (even in men with no apparent balding whatsoever)

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Exosomes are interesting! @AmyK Dr. Amy Killen does a fair amount of this for various hopeful outcomes. Also, @Ben_Greenfield may have some personal experience with exosome injections.

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Thanks @David . Yes! I’ve been injecting exosomes for hair loss for more than six years. I’ve injected @Ben_Greenfield several times as well (although for him it was more for prevention). Exosomes and stem cells are both useful for improving the quality and density of hair. And, although it’s not been published, we’ve had several patients notice improvement in grey hair.

And, of course, exosomes and stem cells are great for improving skin quality too - texture, tone, color, fine lines. They can be injected or applied topically after microneedling. They are small enough to penetrate the skin so they can be given topically as well (although the results are more dramatic with injections or microneedling).


Does anyone know of a compounding pharmacy that produces Bryan’s hair tonic formula?

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I find it easier to just buy the items… but…some are prescriptions… and make it myself.

Been doing that for a few years. When I run low…I make it myself.

See topic: Rapamycin for Hair Growth and Hair Pigmentation

It’s all there.


If I had to make it, I don’t think I would keep up with it consistently. Looking for the easy way out but can’t seem to find a pharmacy that offers it. Thanks.

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