Black Friday for Longevity & Health - what deals are people seeing?

Per their website, Magnetico is offering 20% off their sleep pads with code tgiving20.

Their pads provide the uniform downward SMF shown to improve healthspan and extend median and maximum lifespan in mice:


@agingdoc sent me this special he is offering:

I am off this coming week and it’s black Friday so experimenting with a coupon code. Not sure if I will ever use it again, but this coupon is good for my 45 minute consults (10 minute free “discovery” happens first to screen clients for suitability, good to work with etc):

CODE: BlackFriday23
(expiration 11/30)

(they put that under coupon code when I give a “secret link” to the 45 minute session online calendar, they don’t need it for the initial 10-min discovery).

Feel free to distribute to your followers if you think they would appreciate it.

  1. $50 coupon for $450 service so comes to $400 for the 45 minute zoom audio
  2. In case this helps clarify steps are:
    a) people schedule free 10 minute discovery (Q&A about service & for me to decide if I accept client as nice, appropriate, fun etc)
    b) If I like client as a fit, following that “discovery” zoom audio session, I send them a secret link to 45-minute consult calendar where there is payment and the coupon code can be used.

Appreciate the warm reception. If anyone wants to come there will be an informal social / walk 6pm tomorrow Monday 11/20 in NYC where I’m visiting family (6pm [sharp as we’ll walk off then] meet at the Dakota NYC). Your comments and suggestions helped a great deal;:pray: thank you

Happy Thanksgiving ( and vibrant health) to you & yours! :turkey:.


Let us know how it works. An interesting idea.

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Yeah, will be interesting and I’ll update.

Iollo. Track over 500 biomarkers easily from home. No lab visits, just insights and actionable recommendations!

BF30 for $30 off

Discussed here



And here


Thank you. It was on my wishlist.

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Ulta Labs is running big discounts on blood tests. They use the quest labs and mobile services for draws. I got my results in under 24 hours the last time I used them.


Thanks for the notification. I never thought I would get a Black Friday discount on my blood work. Since most of the tests ordered are good for
“Your order is good for 6 months from the date of purchase. If you are unable to use your order within 6 months, just let us know and we can resend your order to the patient service center.”

Good time to stock up some tests and put them in my freezer.
You just saved me some bucks. I you were here, I’d buy you a beer.


@desertshores Awesome. Someday I’ll take you up on that beer.


@Neo, @Joseph Received my Pulsetto today, read the booklet and found mentioning of a “cap” on page 14, section Cleaning, #2. It reads “Put the cap back on the device”. What cap are they talking about? My device came without any caps. Did you have “caps” in the box?

Another observation that unpleasantly surprised me was a pretty strong fragrance smell from the back part covered by black fabric. Wondering if your unit also had a cologne smell coming from black fabric? It’s pretty unusual that a relaxation device would have a strong smell imo. Have a suspicion that somebody used it before it was shipped to me.

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Mine has not yet arrived. I’ll report back soon I hope.

I thought about getting pulsetto to help with sleep but my resting heart rate is 41-45 (no medications). This sounds like a device that decreases your heart rate. I don’t think my heart rate should be any lower. Am I misunderstanding this device? Would it still improve my sleep with already low heart rate?

It’s a good question. I have the same low resting heart rate, but don’t get enough deep stage sleep. I already received my device but did not use it yet. Not sure if it’s a good choice for me either.

Haven’t actually received mine either yet - so can’t say yet.

And @LaraPo

Do you know your HRV? Think one of the key things is that it can help improve HRV (it is to run an experiment for that and quality and quantify of sleep that I got it).

FWIW, here’s my plan. As you know, HRV is a marker of autonomic nervous system balance. It can be affected by many things so it’s hard to use HRV to assess any one factor but it is great at marking status. I am hoping to use it for biofeedback as well.

For me, my goal is to train my brain to relax on command. I am already good at, from many years of life and work, engaging my brain to become and stay focused. What I cannot do well is turn it off when I want.

Wind-down routine, circadian rhythm matching, meditation, deep and slow breathing exercises, and now Pulsetto. This is a part of my effort to learn to sleep without chemical aids.

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My heart rate during sleep is 40-45. My average HRV is 30.

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Just finished the first session with Pulsetto. I chose anxiety mode, 6 min to try (without having anxiety). The App allows to change the intensity of pulses. The recommended intensity level was 5. I felt slight tingling on my neck, then some needles on my left shoulder blade and on my left hand. Reduced the intensity to level 3, then 2, and finally 1. The sensation of tingling did not diminish and it felt exactly as level 5 (not sure if the App controls the intensity level well). After 6 minutes of the session, I felt a very slight headache that lasted 2 min the most. My resting heart rate fell to 49 (from 53). My HRV jumped to 93 after the session.


Does the device measure HRV? If not, what device are you using to measure?