Black Friday for Longevity & Health - what deals are people seeing?

Now that pre-Black Friday has begun and actual Black Friday and Cyber Monday are around the corner:

What are people seeing that seem to be good deals on valuable things in the pursuit of longevity and health?

And for those who celebrate it, Happy Thanksgiving :maple_leaf:


Here is one that I decided to pull the trigger on (no affiliation): Pulsetto sleep and HRV optimization device via vagus nerve stimulation.

Has been discussed elsewhere here on rapa news and 55% of right now with free shipping.

This is one of the devices Bryan Johnson has used and connected to his high sleep performance and meaningful improvement in HRV.

Note: you might want to check from more than one phone/computer as the prices seems to be slightly different (eg my wife got a 40ish dollar lower quote so I bought it from her phone instead of from mine).


Here is one more: 30-50% off on InsideTracker

Not sure how valuable but I got these and will try out after the holiday:


General link here

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Is Pulsetto used only with an app per monthly subscription?

From their FAQ:

Are there any additional costs or subscription fees?
There are no additional costs or fees, only the one-time purchase of the Pulsetto electrical stimulation device required to use the app.

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On Sunday the 19th of November approximately 10:00am

Do a search “Pulsetto” using Google, a line shows “Your special discount”

Showed me $199.99 for one plus other discount for second unit.

Then use “DPF15P” discount code at checkout should be another 15% off the entire purchase.

Purchased two units with one gel tube for $338.29 at approximately 10:15am


Thank you! Great tip!

It doesn’t ask for a code at checkout :smiling_face_with_tear:

There is a blue green hyper line/window that opens when clicked on, box opens you write in the code

“Have a coupon? Click here to enter your code”

See screenshot


For those who use OneSkin, their upcoming BF sale will be:
Spend $150, save $30
Spend $220, save $60
Spend $300, save $100



Another Pulsetto discount code.

Saw the following copy, on Sunday the 19th of November, 2023 around 12:30pm EST

I tried the code it did work around 12:42pm

“Here’s also a 20% discount for Pulsetto as a token of our appreciation for believing in us!”

Use code: “Wefunder20”
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Per their website, Magnetico is offering 20% off their sleep pads with code tgiving20.

Their pads provide the uniform downward SMF shown to improve healthspan and extend median and maximum lifespan in mice:


@agingdoc sent me this special he is offering:

I am off this coming week and it’s black Friday so experimenting with a coupon code. Not sure if I will ever use it again, but this coupon is good for my 45 minute consults (10 minute free “discovery” happens first to screen clients for suitability, good to work with etc):

CODE: BlackFriday23
(expiration 11/30)

(they put that under coupon code when I give a “secret link” to the 45 minute session online calendar, they don’t need it for the initial 10-min discovery).

Feel free to distribute to your followers if you think they would appreciate it.

  1. $50 coupon for $450 service so comes to $400 for the 45 minute zoom audio
  2. In case this helps clarify steps are:
    a) people schedule free 10 minute discovery (Q&A about service & for me to decide if I accept client as nice, appropriate, fun etc)
    b) If I like client as a fit, following that “discovery” zoom audio session, I send them a secret link to 45-minute consult calendar where there is payment and the coupon code can be used.

Appreciate the warm reception. If anyone wants to come there will be an informal social / walk 6pm tomorrow Monday 11/20 in NYC where I’m visiting family (6pm [sharp as we’ll walk off then] meet at the Dakota NYC). Your comments and suggestions helped a great deal;:pray: thank you

Happy Thanksgiving ( and vibrant health) to you & yours! :turkey:.


Let us know how it works. An interesting idea.

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Yeah, will be interesting and I’ll update.

Iollo. Track over 500 biomarkers easily from home. No lab visits, just insights and actionable recommendations!

BF30 for $30 off

Discussed here



And here


Thank you. It was on my wishlist.

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Ulta Labs is running big discounts on blood tests. They use the quest labs and mobile services for draws. I got my results in under 24 hours the last time I used them.


Thanks for the notification. I never thought I would get a Black Friday discount on my blood work. Since most of the tests ordered are good for
“Your order is good for 6 months from the date of purchase. If you are unable to use your order within 6 months, just let us know and we can resend your order to the patient service center.”

Good time to stock up some tests and put them in my freezer.
You just saved me some bucks. I you were here, I’d buy you a beer.