Iollo — tracking blood biomarkers

This service is used by Lustgarten. Has anyone here used it? Not terribly expensive. Measures of non standard markers.

“Track 500+ blood biomarkers for personalized insights to optimize health, nutrition, and achieve peak performance.”



yes, just used it - some interesting insights
They have also volunteered to examine all my data (blood and DNA test results) and give me more insight


@Paul Thanks for the feedback. Are you planning to keep getting tested to track progress? I’m leaning towards doing it for additional biomarker feedback and tracking of changes over time.

Do they not normally give you the data?

yes, they provided data. Seems like they are running a beta trial to combine their data with other data and see if additional insights or correlations exist

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yes, they made some specific recommendations for diet, activity and supplements. I have some issues with my microbiome they picked up (long term use of NSAID’s probably to blame) and so I want to track if I am improving

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@Joseph_Lavelle did you ever end up pulling trigger on this?

@Paul have you continued to find value?

What top 3 or so new markers have you found valuable? Seems interesting how it gives a picture of taurine levels and other amino acids.

Trying to decide if I should do a one off test and then evaluate… or invest in their quarterly plan (for a while)

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@Neo Not yet. I am still interested but just haven’t gotten around to it yet.

Got it. I just pulled the trigger y day. They have a small Black Friday thing going on, coupon BF30

Rather than commit to quarterly I bought one and then a second one separately and used the promo code once for each.

Partially interested in their amino acid tests, including to see my taurine levels… ahead of perhaps starting to supplement that.

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Please report back on your satisfaction with the results. Good luck.

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Will do (extra char)

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