Biological age acceleration from COVID-19

The latest variants can partially evade the antibodies produced by the vaccine, but the variants don’t evade the 2nd line of defense produced by the vaccines (T-cells and B-cells)

When they say “the latest variants can evade … vaccines”, I take it to mean that the protein coat doesn’t display the epitopes the vaccines target. Presumably the t-cell & b-cells target the same epitopes, so they would not respond either.

Or does the original quote mean something else? If so, what does it mean?

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My understanding is that B and T cells are much more adaptable and aren’t just locked into the same epitopes that specific antibodies target.

Wow, I remember feeling like Covid aged me about a decade when we had it in early 2021. Some of that seemed to reverse (but not completely) after 6-9 months. We are both respiratory therapists so it was inevitable we would get it eventually.

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I think this may have been posted at some point in the past… Related

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Common herpes virus and MS:

Eventually, 955 soldiers developed MS. Of the 801 with sufficient blood samples, 35 were negative for EBV in their first blood test; all but one became EBV positive during the study before developing MS on average 5 years later. By comparison, only half of 107 MS-free study participants used as controls became EBV positive during the same period, the researchers report today in Science. That means an EBV infection multiplies a person’s risk of MS 32-fold, comparable to the increase in risk of getting lung cancer from heavy smoking, Ascherio says.


If one understands immunology and microbiology well - one can easily get ahead of the “herd” who isn’t familiar with the subject - I got inhaled vaccines as a clinical trial participant that may provide a different type of mucosal immunity protection and potential efficacy so far to counter antibody immune evasion. A potential extra line of defense (among other options I’m using) that very few people have can add a lot of layers of security against COVID and particularly long COVID.

In the case of widespread infections like influenza and COVID - FluMist & investigational inhaled COVID vaccine might offer a better bet because new variants aren’t going to easily come out against my interventions.

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