Biohacker spending $2m a year to reverse his age beaten by man paying just $30k

His name is Dave Pascoe 61, a system engineer. “Biohacker spending $2m a year to reverse his age beaten by man paying just $30,000 a year”…

His website has a trove of good info:…


An interesting thought I noted:

  • I AM on thyroid replacement hormone, T3 & T4, since my thyroid stopped working in my early 30s.

Given his age his dunedinPACE figure is particularly good.

This is his supplement list:

Its a very interesting list and given he takes Rapamycin he would I think be an obvious candidate for this forum.


OMG I was browsing his website and suddenly I saw this:

Screenshot 2024-01-19 at 17.17.59

I thought he is in his mid forties. He is doing something right.


He is doing something right.

So is Bryan Johnson’s medical team - financially for them.


He takes rapamycin at a fairly low dose.
Every other week, if not weekly: * Rapamycin (Sirolimus nanoparticles) - 6mg.

I have come to believe that 6mg to 12 mg – weekly to every 10 days is best.


Cosmetically he is doing well, but the underlying biomarkers are not mega brilliant. Cystatin-C is 0.82 CRP is quite nice at 0.16, (and better than Bryan Johnson), but that could be better.

I am curious about the exogenous influence on thyroid pathways.


I am a strong believer in what he is doing here:
Pascoe didn’t want the ‘bad results’ he’d observed from people older than him, so he had a realization: “I just needed to intentionally emulate all of the successful people’s choices.”

And we have many right here!!


I think the first thing I take away from a guy like this is that 100+ supplements, if well chosen, won’t kill me. Right now I’m pregnant and I’ll be nursing for about a year so I’ll be very sparing in what I take but before that I was getting to a very sprawling stack whose breadth sometimes staggered me. It got me wondering if I was inadvertently poisoning myself from heavy metals or God knows what else makes it into those poorly regulated supplements since I’d increased my exposure so much and didn’t have the mental bandwidth to check them on ConsumerLabs for purity. Not to mention the possible negative interactions among the substances. (Glycine and melatonin respectively inhibit cancer cell growth but together they do diddly — anyone?)

That he’s getting healthier and looking better helps put that concern to rest. It’s the single most valuable thing I got from Bryan Johnson too.


Pascoe has also made a point of finding ways to do ‘very expensive interventions cheaply, like plasmapheresis’. He continued: "Instead of paying $8-10k to have plasmapheresis performed, I do twice weekly plasma donations and they pay me.

“In less than five donations, my entire blood volume is filtered, eliminating all of the older damaged proteins. It’s a trade off in time, rather than money, but I’m retired now so that’s fine by me.”

News Article

Dave Pascoe Web Site

Rejuvenation Olympics


I love the publicity around lower cost approaches to longevity.

I’m not sure if the plasma dilution approach is very equivalent to plasmapheresis as is suggested in the article, because Irina Conboy, one of the worlds experts in this area at UC Berkeley, has suggested its probably not that effective… but you would likely get some of the benefits (just not the full purported benefits). But Irina Conboy has discussed the idea of doing a “plasma donation only” study. It is discussed a bit in this presentation she did last year: Irina Conboy Plasmapheresis Webinar

And other discussions:

See: Does plasma donation or blood donation also lead to "plasma dilution"?

Related: Plasmapheresis Startup Looking for Clinical Trial Participants SF Bay Area


Some things like this may not be pro longevity even if they lead to a younger phenotype in the now.

Eg yes, he might filter out old blood and might be good in the current moment, but he may be accelerating the use of his blood stem cells and accelerate their aging and depletion their future capacity to spawn new healthy blood cells and earlier than he would have otherwise end up in a state of clonal hematopoiesis.

(another version of the health extension today vs longevity in the future)


in the case of plasmapheresis they don’t filter out the red blood cells, they only filter out the plasma, so I don’t this wouldn’t be an issue.

But - this does bring up the issue of how does blood plasma get regenerated? I don’t know the biology here… are stem cells somehow involved in plasma regeneration and is there some potential to exhaust plasma-regenerating stem cells? I don’t know.


So, we need to get some entries from the forum here who beat these guys (or at least get close) with just a minimal protocol of a good exercise and diet program, and a moderate intake of longevity drugs (rapa/Cana/Acarbose?), and supplements.

I think we can likely get very close on a budget of $3,000 a year. And this should be (would be) in the news - because its a big deal if you can achieve this in an “average person”, as it suggests you can also do it more broadly to the general population. The implications would be large for public health (a pet peeve of mine, we need more of a preventative focus for everyone, instead of sick care).

I saw this on twitter the other day… and liked it, on this same theme:


You go @RapAdmin ! and @desertshores ! I am rooting for you guys!!


My new hero is Dave Pascoe who outperformed Bryan Johnson on the performance board

He is a system engineer hence the methodical approach.

I love his website which has a wealth of quality info.

His supplement list is vast which may be intimidating to many including myself.

However, the following list seems to be sensible or familiar to many:


This guy is supplementing with pretty much everything that’s ever been shown to work in an animal cell. The only lesson to be learned here is that taking hundreds of supplements every day (probably) won’t kill you.


Not in itself a bad lesson. I still think he could do with a bit of citrate, however.


“I still think he could do with a bit of citrate”

you are high on citrate, can you educate me on what for and dosage that you are on?

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He also says to make sure you need a supplement before taking it. How unhealthy do you have to be to “need” 100 supplements?

I’m not going there.


You have to wonder how much deficiency testing / blood testing he’s done to validate that he needs these…