Barking Up the Right Tree: How Dogs Just Might Be the Key to Human Longevity

Since dogs were first domesticated roughly 30,000 years ago, they have helped humans navigate through life’s hardships in various ways.

From hunting and gathering to helping owners alleviate stress and depression, ease loneliness, and even encourage exercise, dogs certainly play a large role in one’s health and happiness.

Today, however, they are beginning to help humans in ways unimaginable; by helping the scientific community take on longevity.

While billions of dollars have recently been earmarked to focus on aging interventions for humans, a small group of companies are taking on age-related disease by first focusing on our most faithful companions – dogs.

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Nah. People like dogs.
We should focus more on cats. We share more genes. :sweat_smile:


So exciting–for both our dogs and for we humans! I just adopted an eight-year-old rescue, and it’s wonderful to think I might be able to extend his life (as well as mine, hopefully!). Thanks, RapAdmin, for sharing this article.

I want my dog to live forever. I want my cat to just show up occasionally for dinner. :smirk_cat:

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I have had both cats and dogs over the years and loved them both. In my old age, I prefer cats because they are just lower maintenance and I don’t have to walk my cat. :smile:

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