Another simple introduction - 24 old male t1d

Hello, i’m a 24 year old type 1 diabetic.
Took my first dose of rapamycin yesterday, i know some may bulk at me starting rapa because of my diabetes but i do get blood tests done every 3 months and check my blood sugar 3+ times a day.

My blood tests before starting looked great, everything in normal range and even looked better than most people’s (according to my doctor) and my a1c was below 7 (6.3)

I’m hoping to stall aging as much as possible as prevention is better than trying to fix aging related diseases as they come up, anyway ill try my best to document my journey as i go and point out any struggles ill face

My dose: 6mg/week


I’ll lay out my diabetic medications here:

Humalog: 1 unit per 15 carbs

Levermir: 14 units 2x a day (morning and night)

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Hi - and welcome to the forums. I think you may be the first Type 1 diabetic here (at least the first to announce that status). It will be interesting to hear about any changes in your blood glucose levels as I’m sure you watch the levels closely.

Have you reviewed our dosing thread here? What is the Rapamycin Dose / Dosage for Anti-Aging or Longevity?

Do you have fairly complete blood test results and CRP blood test results from prior to taking rapamycin? It would be nice to track your Levine Phenotypic age over time as is discussed in this thread: A Friendly, Biological Age Reduction Competition?
and this thread: 3 months of Rapamycin, Blood Test Results


I don’t have access to my blood results because they send it in the mail and i accidentally threw it away however they do print out my previous results when they send my new ones as a reference. I’ll take another blood test and my other tests in 2 months when i go to renew my prescription @RapAdmin


Well its been a week and other than insomnia for the first 2 days nothing changed.

My blood sugar is fine and doesn’t seem to be impacted

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Curious question, what brand and manufacture is on the package of rapamycin you have? Keep us updated how things goes.


Rapamune and pfizer and i will



I will also start with that brand soon. How did you find out about rapamycin and was it something special that made you convinced to start taking rapamycin?

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A nootropic discord server actually, a user there is big on longevity and they got me interested in rapa.

Tho i been looking at longevity research for a while now


Interesting, can you send me an invite to that discord? My username is KristerKauppi#6509

Sorry dont have invite perms

Next week gonna go to 3mg, no mouth sore, no effect on blood pressure/sugar. But covered in acne especially my arms but all across my body, almost like i got swarmed with bug bites


That definitely sounds like a Rapamycin side effect. Its best to ease into it. I started with 1 mg weekly + GFJ and moved to 2 mg a month later. I hit side effects at that point.

But grapefruit juice (GFJ) suppossedly increases the bioavailability by 3x.

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Yes, that definitely sounds like a (relatively uncommon) side effect of rapamycin

@leejohn had a similar reaction at some point in the past year i believe.


I had that too, acne took 2-4 weeks to fade, and topical hydrocortisone can soothe the itchy feeling.


Hope this link works:

Anyway, acne comes from bacteria. The idea is that if Rapa reduces your bodys ability to fight bacteria, then you will need to try harder to block them. Washing with soap gives the bacteria an advantage. The solution is to use that liquid Dove soap in the above post and add 10% Urea. It triples one anti microbial peptide and quadruples the other. I bought this one:

And it mixed right in and works like crazy.

If you try this, let me know if it works. Ideas this great usually fail for me. The real world is rough.


Well the acne is fading and no changes except that i also had a boil which was on the verge of infection (the puss was brown-ish)